Pokemon Legends Arceus: Mission walkthroughs, guides and secrets

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Pokemon Legends Arceus has a wealth of things to do and discover. We’ve been gathering up all the information we can find and we started putting it here.

Here you’ll find step by step walkthroughs of the important story missions. We skipped the ones that are like, “go across town and talk to Billy” in the tutorial as there is genuinely nothing we can tell you that “go to the exact spot across town marked with the waypoint marker” doesn’t tell you. There’s a lot of those in the beginning and, honestly, turning these into full-length guides would just be insulting. I believe in you, my child.

We’ll also let you know whenever we find free, special, or rare outfits. Fun little observations and musings. Basically, anything related to Pokemon Legends Arceus. And trust me, there is a lot to unpack with this title.

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The following is an index of everything from walkthroughs of particular missions to interesting information. As we discover more, this index will be updated so make sure to bookmark this page and come back to it as we add more.

Mission walkthroughs:
(Spoilers are contained in the walkthroughs)

Daybreak Mission walkthroughs

How To Guides:

Secrets and Easter Eggs:

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Also, if there’s information that you’d like to see us cover that you’re struggling with, let us know in the comments. This game is new and vast and wild and it’s probably easy to miss something as we document our way through this brave new world.

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And, as we said before. This space will constantly have new things added to it so make sure you throw this up in your bookmarks. Heck, make it your home page. Heck, go visit your parents, get on their computers, make it THEIR homepage, I’m sure they’ll love it. And if you’re one of those parents, I’m sorry about your child, I didn’t think they’d actually do that.

Anyways, good luck and as always, let us know what you think of the game. Enjoy!