Pokemon Legends Arceus Daybreak: Massive Mass Outbreak in the Fieldlands guide

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Massive Mass Outbreak in the Fieldlands is one of the many new missions that has been added to Pokemon Legends Arceus as part of the new “Daybreak” update the newest Pokemon Direct foretold.

Immediately upon completing the mission entitled “A New Anomaly” you find out that outbreaks are happening all over. Cyllene decides to call this phenomenon a “Massive Mass Outbreak” which…really shows you how the Galaxy Team starts it descent into madness.

Anyways, you head back out to see Mai and you find that it’s raining pretty heavy. As you talk about investigating the mass of Massive Mass Outbreaks that’s amassed (thank you) you both realize you have no idea where to start looking.

Luckily, once again like it did in the previous mission, Arceus decides to gently nudge you and your phone goes off again. When you take a look you see a map of the area but see it covered in little circles with question marks on them, denoting that each one is the spot of an outbreak.

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As the storm continues you’re tasked with investigating three different outbreaks. It doesn’t really matter which ones but you need to get it done before the storm lets up. The quickest way to clear one of these is if it’s Pokemon that are skittish like Starly just roll up in the middle of it like you’re about to call a flash mob and the majority of them will bounce.

Upon returning, Mai thanks you for looking into this and gets upset about how she’s baffled by why this is happening, but not before giving you a completion gift of:

30 Tumblestone
40 Iron Chunks
20 Smoke Bombs

Shortly afterwards, Calaba shows up. Mai explains the situation to her and Calaba makes a connection that Pokemon showing up outside their normal environment isn’t that different from Pokemon beyond our world visiting the Temple of Sinnoh recently. Which, before we keep going, YES IT IS. You’re talking weather-based forced migration versus mythical wormholes and matter displacement. Calaba, are you okay?

She posits that these events might be the Pokemon reacting to the arrival of Palkia before ushering you all back to Jubilife Village. And if you think her leap in logic wasn’t Farfetch’d already (cause…cause that’s a Pokemon) she suggests the next person you should seek out for information should be Arezu. The hairstylist.

Massive-Mass-Hair /

Oy. Anyways, let’s head into town and get our hair did.

Upon entering the hairplace with Mai and Calaba, Arezu tells you about how she bets “they’re some sort of Pokemon festival.” Similar to how a customer of her’s from Johto said that the Clefairy get together and dance on the night of full moons.

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These people are masterful at connecting apples to oranges.

Then Arezu mentions her friend in the Diamond Clan saw a mass outbreak of alphas in the Crimson Mirelands. Which is odd because normally alphas don’t hang out. So they send you there to go look into it starting the mission titled “Massive Mass Outbreak in the Mirelands.” See you over there.

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