Pokemon Legends Arceus: How to catch Spiritomb

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The Pokemon Legends Arceus quest to find Spiritomb involves two things that Pokemon players absolutely love, time consuming fetch quests and an absolute bummer of a story. And honestly, I’m only being one third sarcastic when I say that. Especially bummer stories. We eat that UP.

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Early in the story, if you wonder by the Shrouded Ruins in the Crimson Mirelands you will meet a young girl by the name of Vessa. She asks you to gather strange wisps using an item that has appeared in many Pokemon games called the “Odd Keystone”. This has always been a vessel for…vessel…Vessa…damn I get it now. Anyways, this has always been a vessel for the rare Pokemon, Spiritomb.

So you need to go about and find all 107 wisps, hiding around the playable world. I’m going to show you a map of where they all are in the six explorable areas and then I’ll let you pick whether or not you want to keep scrolling to see what happens after that.

The locations will be marked with stars.

PLEASE NOTE: These will be visible at night time. If the sun goes up, sleep until nightfall and then keep gathering.

Jubilife Village

Spiritomb-Jubilife /

Don’t miss the one near Prelude Beach.

Obsidian Fieldlands

Spiritomb-Obsidian /

Crimson Mirelands

Spiritomb-Crimson /

Cobalt Coastlands

Spiritomb-Cobalt /

Don’t miss that one on the top right behind the zoom meter. That one’ll get ya.

Coronet Highlands

Spiritomb-Coronet /

Alabaster Icelands

Spiritomb-Alabaster /

There’s two wisps near the very top. One of them is ON the entrance way to the temple. Make sure you’re capable of flight or jumping or taking a fall.

What Comes Next

Once you have those, return to Vessa who, as you saw at the very top, will thank you for meeting with her. She then has you meet at the spot you first met her, the Shrouded Ruins in the Crimson Mirelands, at night.

When you get there you’ll meet her at the large rock that looks like a giant odd keystone.

The whole moment has an air of meloncholy as she tells you there’s actually 108 wisps that need to be gathered. You realize Vessa is the final wisp. And before she dematerializes herself for you, she leaves you with this crushing and confusing moment.

You then snag the last wisp and all of them pour into the large Keystone as the small one you held disappears. She then gives you one last message just in case you’re a monster and haven’t cried yet.

Vessa-Dont-You /

Afterwards, you get a message that you sense the prescence of a strange Pokemon and that’s about the time you’ll notice your character is being attacked from behind. Turn around and find a Spiritomb all ticked off and fighty. Feel free to capture that thing.

A weird thing is you can actually return here at night and occassionally find more by interacting with the keystone. They can even be alpha, shiny, or both.

Once you’ve captured it, you’ll probably be looking to spend money to feel better. Luckily for you, you’ll find the clothier has made a special Spiritomb themed kimono.

So that outfit will definitely make you feel better the next time you call out your Spiritomb trying to ignore the fact that it’s an angry form of 107 different souls, plus Vessa’s, that are now forever trapped within a small stone.