Pokemon Legends Arceus: ‘The Slumbering Lord of the Tundra’ walkthrough

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Right out the gate of the Pokemon Legends Arceus mission “The Slumbering Lord of the Tundra,” Kamado calls you into his office talking about how you’ve beaten four of the frenzied nobles, and only one remains. For this, you’re going to head to the Alabaster Islands to deal with the noble Avalugg. It’s rumored to be the largest of all nobles. Not only that but Kamado mentions that quelling the final noble my “trigger some change in the space-time rift as well”. Weird guess but I believe you.

Before you can head though, Cyllene informs you that there’s no way you’re heading out that way until you’ve gotten your fifth-star rank so, you know what to do, get out there and get to five stars. At this point, with all your various traversal methods, you should have no problem going back to previous points on the map and discovering more Pokemon. My recommendation is run around with Orsaluna and try to dig up some evolution stones, evolving Pokemon is a great way to rank up. But make sure your team is trained and ready for this one.

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Once you’re actually able to leave the town and head out, Professor Laventon stops you and talks to you about how he’s curious why we should bother with this one if the Avalugg hasn’t hurt anyone yet. Weird considering that during the whole Electrode thing we kept talking about how we should calm them because the frenzied effect hurts them, but still.

Then your rival challenges you to a battle. They throw out a level 46 Mr. Mime, a level 46 Staravia, and a level 47 Pikachu. After you defeat them head out where Adaman and Irida will give you some helpful tips. Adaman will also make a fairly meta joke about the fact the NPCs never change clothing.

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On your way to meet someone named Gaeric, if you see an opening to the unground caves, jump down there. You can find Misdreavous down there at night time. You’ll need one on a quest to get more hairstyles so snag her. Now head to your wait point and find Gaeric. Of course, you won’t be “worthy” enough to try to calm Avalugg until you fight him so get ready.

Gaeric will throw a level 48 Glalie and a level 24 Froslass so make sure you got a fire type in the lead. Upon his defeat he let’s you know that you’ll need Eternal Ice, and for that…you’ll need the help of Braviary and for THAT you need to seek out a woman named Sabi. She challenges you to catch her and flies to the top of a mountain. At the base of the mountain, however, is a tunnel. If you use Ursaluna in the tunnel you’ll find Old Verse 6 so make sure to snag it.

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After you find her she’ll head out again. On your way to her this time, look for two waterfalls to the right of your destination with a large rock on top between them. Climb up there and you’ll find Unown-U. Get ’em.

After that, head to the giant building where the waypoint is leading your character. And as for you, head to the next page of the walkthrough to keep going.