Pokemon Legends Arceus: ‘Seeking the Remaining Plates’ guide

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The following is a guide to the Pokemon Legends Arceus mission ‘Seeking the Remaining Plats.’ So now you’ve got all 17 plates. The nobles have been calmed, Palkia and Dialga are chill again, you hung out with most of the legendaries and had a little beach party with Kamado. There’s only one thing left to do, head over to the Ancient Retreat and talk to Cogita. So let’s do that.

Once you head into Cogita’s tent, you and Volo ask her about what else she might know. She states that if there’s anything we’d like to know we need to bring her three logs of wood.

I know this is going to sound crazy but finding three pieces of wood was one of the longest quests I had to do as I never realized I’d ever need wood and kept using it to make wooden dolls so I had to run about and find some of these coveted sticks.

If you’re having a hard time, here’s what I ended up doing. I went to the Coronet Highlands where, slightly above the Heavenward Lookout on the map there are a TON of trees. Then hop back to Jubilife and then over to the Obisidian Firelands and run around the Deertrack Path and then go back again. It took me about 11 trips but I eventually found them. The drop rate of wood, I never realized until this quest, is ridiculous.

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Once you have it, or you’re lucky enough to already have had it, head back to the Ancient Retreat and give the logs to Cogita. You then find out she merely needed them to work on a new cutting board.

And after a little back and forth betwixt Cogita and Volo she mentions that honest work deserves honest pay and hands you something. The Pixie Plate! She’s had it the whole time. Apparently she didn’t even know what it was and had been using it as a cutting board.

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Now that you have all the cutting boards, I mean plates, you all are at a loss at what to do next. Volo suggests trying the Celestica Ruins as they have statues of both Dialga and Palkia. Along with a shattered statue of something between them with six legs. Whoever could that have been. Cogita once more calls Volo out for absolutely not doing the job of a merchant despite claiming to be part of the Gingko Guild. And from there, you’re off to the Celestica Ruins!

You meet Volo at the shattered remains of the statue of Giratina who was “banished for its violence, left to dwell in a world on the reverse side of our own.” He then tells you about how it’s been laying in wait for a chance to tear down Arceus itself.

After you realize that Giratina may show itself, Volo starts acting weird. And I mean weird for Volo. He then starts talking about how growing up he constantly struggled with figuring out why life was unfair and why he was “cursed” to live through certain events. It was the reason he became obsessed with mysteriers of the world, specifically myths and legends. And use that knowledge to forge a better world.

He continues and explains that if he can find the reverse side of the world and Giratina, who he claims is an “unwanted child”, he’ll be able to understand why the world is as it is. After, he suggests you meet at the Temple of Sinnoh at the top of Mount Sinnoh.

Once you get to the shattered reamins of the temple, you find Volo standing on the platform which Palkia and Dialga appeared, musing about how the broken pillars look like spears. This is a nice little nod to Pokemon Platinum where you meet Giratina at a place called Spear Pillar.

Volo then turns around and apologizes for suddenly acting so strangely. “Suddenly”…pssh.

Volo then explains that his real goal is to meet Arceus. Originally he was going to seek out Giratina and have it tear open the rift in space and time. But Giratina is not here. So then he convinced you to gather the plates because the murals around the land gave him the idea. He then mentioned that it could work as you have 17 of the 18 plates and, surprise surprise, Volo has been holding onto the last one.

Then he does a massive dramatic reveal to show that he’s actually not a member of the Ginkgo Guild (surprising no one) and he’s actually an Arceus obsessed lunatic complete with Arceus inspired clothing and hair. Yikes.

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He then demands all the plates from you. He states that if he can meet Arceus and then subjugate its power, he can tear down the world as we know it to create a better world. If you were worried Pokemon Legends Arceus didn’t have a villain with an absolute lunatic plan for changing the entire planet, worry not. He is here and he is challenging you to a battle.

So here’s what we got in his full party of six, he’s got a level 68 Spiritomb, a level 68 Togekiss, a level 68 Hisuian Arcanine, a level 68 Lucario, a…oops, hold on he beat me, okay, a level 68 Roserade, and a level 68 Garchomp.

After finally beating his six (after one really bad defeat and having to level up my Pokemon a bit more) Volo loses it. I feels you have the blessing of Arceus and says that your character must have been specifically placed in this time to ruin his plans. Then something happens and, well, Volo gets a buddy.

It’s not so much a buddy as it is an eldritch horrors from a dark dimension. Yuppers. We’ve got Giratina up in here now. And guess what, you have to fight it, and guess what, you don’t get healed, and guess what, it’s level 70. Yup, essentially you have to fight a party of SEVEN Pokemon. Oh, and if you lose the Giratina fight you have to fight his main six all over again first so…beef up your Pokemon and get some Max Revives.

After you beat Giratina, well…get ready to fight Giratina. It gets really mad at you and suddenly changes to Origin Forme, refilling it’s health so…you know…EIGHT Pokemon now.

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When you beat it you get the hilarious “You finally beat Giratina” screen. Afterwards Volo goes into a speech that would make Hamlet tired before giving in and handing you the Spooky Plate. I know that’s how the Ghost type plate has always been called but having this dramatic scene end with an item called Spooky almost made me spit tea on my keyboard.

Now that you’ve gotten the plate you’ll see the screen that tells you you’ve completed the mission. Excellent work.

But before you can get started on your next mission, out of no where your flute begins to glow and suddenly changes into the Azure Flute.

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Volo heads out to wherever crazy people go in Hisui and you get a new mission titled “The Deified Pokemon”. See you there.