Pokemon Legends Arceus: ‘The Frenzy of the Lord of the Woods’ walkthrough

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In this Pokemon Legends Arceus mission, Adaman, leader of the Diamond Clan, Irida, the leader of the Pearl Clan, and Kamado send you out to deal with the Pearl Clan’s Kleavor. It’s a regal Pokemon that they worship that’s gone insane after being hit with bizarre lightning. And, as they have no better plans for this, they send a mysterious 15-year-old they just met.

Kamado also makes sure I know that we cannot do anything to threaten our relations with either clan and therefore must be careful. And to add even more tension, Cyllene drives the point into your skull that this mission “will put you in extreme danger”.

After you get properly briefed by about four or five different NPC’s you’re finally allowed to start making your way to Grandtree Arena in the middle of Heartwood.

But before you leave you’ll be stopped by a man appropriately named Bagin. He’s a useful NPC that can create more space in your satchel provided you provide him with some cash. Every time you buy a slot the next slot costs more.

Once you finally get to the map, pick your new camp, the Heights Camp, to get yourself closer to where you need to go and set off. On your way, you’re doing to encounter some Pokemon you haven’t seen yet like Paras, Psyduck, and the like.

When you finally make it to the Arena you meet up with Lian of the Pearl Clan. He explains to you that he’s the warden to Kleavor, Lord of the Woods. Before you can face off against Kleavor, Liam blocks you, having you face off against his…single…Goomy. Okay then.

Two seconds later when the fight is over you find out you can’t summon Kleavor anyways as you don’t have it’s favorite food to summon it because of COURSE.

At that moment your ARC Phone beeps to let you know you now have the ability to fast travel to base camps. Convenient as you need to return to it to talk to Professor Laventon. Go do that now and speak to him. He takes you back to his lab after reviewing all the Pokemon you’ve encountered, paying you for them. Then he uses everything at his scientific disposal to figure out how you’re supposed to get food to the Kleavor while it’s frenzied and attacking everything nearby. Yup, you squish the food into balls and throw it at Kleavor. With this in mind you head back out to the Heights Camp where you have to make your way back to the arena.

Luckily, upon returning you’re given the ability to use a flute and summon Wyrdeer to ride on so that’s kinda great.

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What isn’t great is that out of the blue, Irida wants to suddenly fight you to test your worth…moments after defending you. She comes at you with a Glaceon so make sure you got the appropriate Pokemon in the start position. Afterward, she agrees to help make food balls and you finally get to face off against Kleavor.

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This will be your first fight against a noble Pokemon so you need to be ready because this plays differently. While dodging Kleavor’s attacks you need to throw balms at it to slowly run down a meter. Every so often, to do a bit extra damage, you can trick it into running into a rock, at that point you can send one of your Pokemon to fight it. Believe it or not, if you’ve kept your Bidoof, it’s more than likely the best one to deal with this because Kleavor is both very weak to Rollout and Water Gun.

Once that’s done, Kleavor will be cured and will give you an Insect Plate as a reward before running off to wherever ax-handed creatures live.

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Make your way back to base where Kamado will thank you for your work. Also, make sure that you check in with Cyllene as you can probably go to rank two at this point, allowing you to use Feather Balls and to work with Pokemon up to level 30.