Pokemon Legends Arceus: ‘Arezu’s Predicament’ walkthrough

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For this quest in Pokemon Legends Arceus, you’re going to need to investigate another rampaging Pokemon. This time it’s a Pokemon served by the Pearl Clan known as Ursaluna. So we need to head to the Solaceon Ruins which are found in the Crimson Mirelands and meet someone named Calaba.

When you’re about to leave, your rival stops you and battles you with her Mime Jr. and Pikachu. After you beat them, she drops some random “you know those random space-time distortions that have been opening here and there? Careful if you go into one.” You know, those space-time distortions that up until this moment we knew nothing about.

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Anywho, head out and go to the Crimson Mirelands, a new area of the map.


The Solaceon Ruins are super easy to find as they’re literally something that looks like an ancient layer in a hollowed-out mountain. It sticks out. Meanwhile, your rival casually drops space-time distortions again as if it’s something we’ve been talking about ever and saunters off to go find some.


Once in the ruins, you meet Calaba and her Bibarel. She tells you to bugger off and somehow you end up fighting Volo. Defeat his Togepi and Gible and you get sent on a side quest to retain a broken wall fragment from a campsite near the Mirelands Camp.

Finding it introduces the Miss Fortunes, three thieves that stole the piece of wall.

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They do an awesome intro and then the member named Coin battles you with her Toxicroak. Best her and they give you the wall fragment back. You help Calaba realize she was wrong about you. She offers to help you calm Ursaluna over at a place called “Sludge Mound”.

Before you get to where you need to go, you’ll see a side quest right nearby. I promise you, take that first. A gentleman will ask for help establishing a nearby campsite. Go where he tells you, fight off three Skunky and you have yourself a new base in case you lose or just want to come back to this point. Totally worth doing.

Afterward, go face off against Ursaluna. Much like with Kleavor, Bibarel (or Bidoof) is a godsend here and if you’ve been leveling decently should be able to take it out in three or four water moves.

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Defeat it and it calms down, giving you the Earth Plate. Make your way back to camp just in time for Laventon to discover Unown. Finish up and head back to base to turn your quest in and hear all about the frenzied Pokemon you’ll be dealing with next.

But you also find out that not only IS there a frenzied Pokemon but Arezu knew about it, told no one, and has now gone missing leading you to use your newly befriended Ursaluna to sniff her out. Once you find her, you then decide to take on Lilligant and try calming her down with some balm balls that Arezu made specifically for the Lilligant. Because this quest hasn’t already been long enough.

When you face off against her, pay attention to the notes that come off her. She’ll do two to four notes in a row. One note means she’s going to jump in the air and smash down near you. The other means that she’s going to charge and fire a shockwave across the ground. Both can be dodged with a dodge roll quite easily as long as you read the notes and know what’s coming.

If you picked Cyndaquil as your starter or grabbed Chimchar from the Will-O-the-Wisp option quest, this is their time to shine as fire attacks do obscene damage to her.

After you defeat her, she grants you the Meadow Plate and goes off on her way. Adaman, Calaba, and Arezu make peace. Get back to camp to talk to the professor, deal with some cryptic dialogue from Volo, speak to the man in charge and you’re done!