Pokemon Legends Arceus Mission Walkthrough: ‘The Galaxy Team’s Entry Trial’

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Pokemon Legends Arceus is now available on Nintendo Switch, and we’ll be providing walkthroughs and guides for the latest installment in the franchise. Upon arriving in the strange new world, you’re given room and board in exchange for working with the profession on completing a Pokedex. But first you need to complete an entry trial. Fail and you’re informed you will be banished from the town and left to survive on your own in the wild with no home or food.

Luckily, the mission couldn’t be simpler.

You need to enter the Obsidian Fieldlands and catch a Bidoof, a Starly, and a Shinx.

But first, you need to pick a starter Pokemon. I, personally, went with Cyndaquil though no choice is bad.

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From there you’re going to make your way out of town, but not before being stopped by the merchant Volo. They challenge you to a battle before leaving and, luckily, it’s the age-old “watch two low-level Pokemon run into each other five times” intro battle. Afterward you get to head towards the Aspiration Hill section of the Obsidian Fieldlands. Select the right spot on the map and you’re good to go.

Once there, and after a bit of dialogue, your first goal is to catch the nearby Bidoof. This is simple. It’s excited to see you and just kinda sits there smiling. Ding the poor thing in the head with a Pokeball and you got it.

Next up is the Starly. The Starly is fairly skiddish so it’ll fly away if you scare it. To NOT scare it, hit B to crouch and move through the tall grass. When you’re close enough to be confident in your throw, flind a Pokeball at it and you’ve caught it.

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After that, you’ll see a tree filled with berries. Go ahead and lob a Pokemon at it and it’ll slam into the tree, shaking a bunch of berries loose that you’ll collect before moving on to the last one.

The last one, of course, is catching the adorable Shinx. I was really happy getting one of these out the gate as I love these adorable lightning lions. I mean, look at it.

001-Entry-Trial-Shinx /

Anywho, the Shinx is an aggressive little guy so you’ll have to battle it first. To do so, pick the Pokemon you want to use and throw it at the Shinx. It’s level 4 so that level 2 Starly you picked, ironically, won’t fly here.

When fighting the Shinx, make sure you don’t defeat it. Get its health in the yellow, go into items, and choose Pokeball and you should be able to capture it.

After you complete that you’ll head into town and report to Cyllene, she’ll give you the Survey Corps Uniform and the Survey Corps Sandals along with the directions to go home, change, and report to the third floor once in uniform.

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Once you’ve done that you’re given a jaunty little cap, you get to meet Kamado, and with that, you’re an official Survey Corp member. Get ready for a life of adorable servitude.