Pokemon Legends Arceus: ‘Atop Mount Coronet’ walkthrough

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So you’ve got the Red Chain and Cyllene has used her power as acting commander to bestow your ranking and bring you back into the guild. It’s time to climb the mountain, use your chain and see what awaits. Here’s our full walkthrough of Atop Mount Coronet in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

As you leave the town, you’re met with whichever clan leader you chose. They react appropriately to the news that Kamado recklessly charged the mountain…and then they, in turn, turn and charge after Kamado.

Cyllene then gives you three orders. One: Make for the Summit Camp and, from there, the Temple of Sinnoh. Two: Use the Red Chain to resolve this mess. Three: Return here…alive! She’s very dramatic.

After that, you’re teleported straight over to the Summit Camp. You can tell something big is about to happen as you’re given a Max Revive by a little girl and Volo gives you a couple of Max Potions. Not. Ominous. At. All.

Mount-Coronet-Beni /

Next waypoint you’ll find yourself going through the super spooky Stone Portal. On your way up you encounter…Beni? The mochi guy? And…apparently, he’s bought into the rumors that you’re the cause for all this because he straight up sicks his Pokemon at you. The first thing he throws at you is a level 59 Mismagius, a level 59 Sneasler, a level 50 Gardevoir, and a level 60 Gallade. It’s also the first trainer battle I struggled with so grind and get to rank six so Pokemon up to level 80 listen to you.

Beni apologizes and lets you pass. Leave the cave and witness the most blatant boss fight setting I’ve ever seen. I’d actually be really beyond mad if there wasn’t a boss fight in this.

Mount-Coronet-Temple /

Adaman, Irida, and Volo are, somehow, already up top and hype you up.

Kamado then faces off against you with a level 61 Hisuian Bravary, a level 62 Snorlax, a level 61 Golem, and a level 61 Clefable. Oddly this fight feels easier than the Beni fight, mostly just because each of Kamado’s has blaring weaknesses. It’s honestly a very bad team.

Afterwards, Kamado concedes and apologies, letting you pass.

You’re finally about to use the Red Chain when suddenly, Irida freaks out as a voice speaks to her from within. It said, “You hold…the Red Chain… Try to catch me, then.” Then a portal opens and Palkia steps through. I’m fairly certain that depending on who you chose in the earlier mission between the two clan leaders it determines who comes out here. If you picked Diamond Clan earlier just mentally replace my “Irida” with “Adaman” and my “Palkia” with “Dialga”.

Mount-Coronet-Palkia /

Palkia is level 65 but, honestly, after Beni and Kamado this fight is an absolute breeze. I caught it with one Ultra Ball and called it a day.

After you catch Palkia, it speaks to Irida again and hey, guess what, something else is coming called “The Frenzied One.” And who is the Frenzied One? Turns out it’s the other one, in my case, Dialga…but frenzied out it’s mind. Kamado, who is suddenly talking like a cowboy, orders you all to run back to camp.

Palkia talks to Irida and with some hints you find out that the red chain will have to be reforged after it was broken in the earlier battle with Palkia, a Pokeball will be used, and you’ll also have to gather up the rest of the plates you’ve been gathering. You also find out that Volo has also been trying to collect those plates for reasons I’m sure won’t be suspicious.

But thus ends the Atop Mount Coronet mission. Stay tuned for “The Counterpart”.