Pokemon Legends Arceus: ‘Scaling Perilous Heights’ walkthrough

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At the beginning of the mission in Pokemon Legends Arceus, Kamado tells you about how you’re going to need to head to Coronet Highlands. Their noble Pokemon, the Electrode, has become frenzied. Adaman explains that since it’s gone frenzied, its habit of releasing built-up electricity has now become massive explosions.

The explanation gets cut off as you’re introduced to Melli, who interrupts the conversations. Melli, quite possibly the closest this game is going to get to a Poochy, explains that he’s the warden of said Electrode and should be involved in the conversation. He continues by negging my character and saying he’s perfectly capable of doing this himself. Fun…it’s this character arc.

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Adaman has you fight him so Melli can see how strong you are, and, in true game fashion comes at me with a Leafeon and an Eevee. Another thing that fire types absolutely destroy. My Cyndaquil has since evolved into the Hisuian Typhlosion so as its fire/ghost, I laid waste to Leafeon with Flamethrower while Eevee’s Quick Attack has no effect on me.

Just when you think you’re ready to go Cyllene calls you back into the base and to her office to go over the finer details of the mission. She also reminds you that the Coronet Highlands are right by the rift you originally fell through. She also lets you know that to get to the Highlands you have to have a four-star rank so if you haven’t gotten that by now, get out there and work on your Pokedex, slacker.

If you’re rank four head to the training grounds where Irida will introduce you to Warden Ingo who serves the noble Sneasler. One thing really interesting about Ingo is that while every character is a descendant of a famous Pokemon character, Ingo may actually be the Ingo from Pokemon Black and White who fell through the same portal you did but lost his memory. That would explain why he has the exact same outfit and everything. Apparently, you’ll need an assist from Sneasler in order to meet Electrode. It’s news to me too. Anywho, it’s off to Mount Coronet to meet the Sneasler.

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Hop onto your map and head to the Highland Camps. Once there Laventon will welcome you from right near the crack in the sky and a set of rocks that very much looks like Stonehenge. Real quick, let me point out that I am VERY disappointed this game has a Stonehenge-looking area without having Stonjourner. How dare.

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Once you’re done talking with the professor your character must make their way up the mountain just like you need to make your way to the next page of this walkthrough.