Pokemon Legends Arceus: ‘The Researcher of Myths’ walkthrough

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The following is a walkthrough of the Pokemon Legends Arceus mission, “The Researcher of Myths.” You can read more about the previous mission, “A New Day Dawns,” here.

Alright, now that the new day has dawned, it’s time to get caught up in a new mystery. Frankly, what in the hey-hey is up with those weird things we kept stumbling on around the world that looked like a bunch of legendary Pokemon drawn Monster Hunter style.

Well, Volo (of course it’s him) shows up and offers to show you. Volo shows up while you’re being briefed and says he has something he wants to discuss with you.

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Once at the Heights Camp in Obsidian Fieldlands he calls you too, he discusses those carvings you’ve probably noticed hidden all over the place with the various legendaries on them Monster Hunter style. He lets you know that those are possibly letters.

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He also reveals that he knows the deity’s name is Arceus. Hey then states that you should work together to gather all the plates and then tells you to meet him at Grueling Grove.

When you meet up with Volo he begins to explain what’s new when at level 60 Vespiqueen attacks. May as well catch it. When you defeat it or catch it, it drops the Stone Plate.

Equally confused as to why an Alpha Pokemon had a plate as well as what other plates are next, you both decide it’s time to ask Cogita. Off you go again.

While you’re at the Grove, though, head to the little island in the middle of the water with a tree on it. There’s an Unown-E on the back of the tree for you to snag.

Then head for the ancient retreat and talk to Cogita. She let’s you know that she’s descended from the people of ancient Sinnoh long before these events, whose people worshipped Arceus. She then states you should seek out the other legendaries. The spirits of the lake, the temple giant, the crescent moon, the volcano, and maybe even return to the beginning. You can ask her about the five things she listed as well.

For the three lake Pokemon she says to go find the three lake spirits (Uxie, Mespirit, and Azelf) and thank them for the Red Chain as well as show them how strong you’ve gotten. This starts a mission called “The Plate of the Lakes”.

For the volcano, she tells you that that’s Firespit Island and not much else. This then starts a mission called “The Plate of Firespit Island”.

For the crescent moon, she says that you must go where you may meet the moon’s gaze unobstructed. Then says “Does that clue illuminate your path”? Girl, stop being cryptic and just tell me. Then she tells me to head to Coronet Highlands. This starts a mission called “The Plate of Moonview Arena”. (I’m going to guess you might want to head to the arena)

For the temple giant, she tells you of a secret that lurks in Snowpoint Temple. You have to open a sealed door somehow. This then starts a mission called “The Plate of Snowpoint Temple”.

As for the beginning, she says you must go to where your adventure first started. This starts, “The Plate of Prelude Beach”.

After you’re done she informs you that the rest depends on me. She also tells you that the closing of the rift has caused many Pokemon that have been hiding to come out and see what’s happened. This is their fun way of saying that now that the main story has been beaten, more types of Pokemon will show up.

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And with that, we end another pretty simple mission. The next five are going to be a bit more involved as we get into “The Plate of the Lakes”, “The Plate of Firespit Island”, “The Plate of Moonview Arena”, “The Plate of Snowpoint Temple”, and “The Plate of Prelude Beach”.

Stay tuned for more in Pokemon Legends Arceus. For more on Pokemon Legends Arceus, check out our ever-growing index or helpful and related articles to the game.