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Meet the Team

Matthew Liebl,Site Expert

Been writing about games since 2011, but have been playing them since the days of NES. Passionate gamer, avid sports fan, and Disney enthusiast. I have strong opinions about certain topics and love a good debate. Die hard Dallas Cowboys and Chicago Cubs fan. Lover of all animals, but particularly fond of Huskies. Proud father of a newborn baby girl.

Eric Halliday,Contributor

Father, husband, writer, gamer, tinker, tailor, soldier, spy.

Lance Liebl,Contributor

Lance is a former Editor at GameZone. A 5" to 7" inseam shorts enthusiast (#SkysOutThighsOut), Lance is a father, gamer, and a lover of craft beer, bourbon and Disney.

Elliott Gatica,Contributor

Technophile. Dog lover. Avid gamer. Fighting game connoisseur. Dance Dance Revolution enthusiast. I've a strong opinion on games and I'm open to discussions. Any heated disputes shall be settled Mortal Kombat 11.

Darius Goodman,Contributor

Been playing games since Top Gear on Super Nintendo but even before that with the original Game Boy that was gifted to me via family. However, those humble beginnings have led to me following my passions throughout life. Passionate sports fan turned sports editor has added more titles to my name ever since. I went from loving games and reviewing them personally to bringing myself to write more on the professional side and that marks my game writing career since 2017. Not really into the big ESport scene anymore due to a certain racing game failing to fix their penalty system.

Shannon Flynn,Contributor

Shannon is a technology writer who loves everything about entertainment and gadgets. When she's not managing content on ReHack.com, you can find her writing for sites like VGR, Hackernoon, and KnowTechie in a cafe nearby.

Ty Brody,Contributor

An esports enthusiast from the Tampa Bay area, Ty primarily covers the news and esport events around PUBG, CS:GO, and VALORANT. Also an avid NHL and College Football fan, he hopes that one-day UGA fans will live to see their team win something of value.

Byron Smith,Contributor

Sport's Media is my passion and I've been working hard to pursue my passion since 2016. I love everything football, E-Sports, basketball, Kansas City Chiefs, and San Antonio Spurs.

Nick Forsythe,Contributor

Filmmaker, Journalist, Nintendo Fanboy | Also known as NJF productions | Loves hanging out with friends, playing videogames, and working out!

Dev Crowley,Contributor

I am a life long horror lover and gamer. I started loving horror and sci-fi at the ripe age of 8 and I've never looked back. As an independent contributor, I get to write about the things I love. Every day is Halloween in my world and I am the weirdo, mister.

Justin O'Riley,Contributor

Justin O'Riley has been playing video games since the late 80s. He believes that the Super Nintendo is still the greatest video game console of all time.

Javier Reyes,Contributor

Javier Reyes is a writer living in New Jersey. If you want to hear him ramble about his beloved Los Angeles Chargers, why video games are wonderful, or his infatuation with rewatching his favorite anime over and over, check him out on Twitter. He tends to joke around sometimes.

Colin Mieczkowski,Contributor

Colin Mieczkowski is a writer, content creator and former radio host who began covering mostly golf before shifting over to gaming, another longtime passion of his. He has covered a blend of traditional gaming and esports stories. Fantasy RPGs like Dark Souls and Bloodborne are among his favorite games and he also a huge fan of sports games like NBA 2K, MLB The Show, and any golf game essentially. He lists Journey as his favorite game of all-time. He's also a fan of the Chicago White Sox, Bulls, Bears, Northwestern, DePaul, and of course, golf. You can email him at gpcolin5598@gmail.com.

Chris Olszewski,Contributor

Playing games since 2001, writing about them since 2008. Former TF2 semi-pro; current Overwatch shoutcaster trying to work his way up the ladder. Counter-Strike is beyond my playing ability. Arch Authority contributor and site expert 2015-2016, App Trigger contributor since 2018. Sports fandoms split between Chicago and Los Angeles. Patiently waiting for the Bulls to get a 2K team.

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