Pokemon Legends Arceus: ‘Disaster Looming’ walkthrough

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It’s a charming night in Pokemon Legends Arceus after the end of the Slumbering Lord of the Tundra mission. Kamado said that he looked forward to the next day. You wake up after a good night’s rest calm and ready to face a world of peace.

Just kidding, there’s a massive explosion and you wake up to find the sky is every color but correct. You make your way to a briefing where Kamado thinks about how you arrived on the same day the nobles got frenzied and, as is act two of the storytelling tradition, blames you, no longer trusts you, and things go south and you’re banished from the whole damned town.

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You’re given the idea to go stay with the Diamond or Pearl clan. But first, you must contact Liam as he’s the closest person to the Pearl Clan in your immediate area. But this starts your journey of finding out no clan will have you. What follows is one of the most melancholy things I’ve ever seen in a Pokemon game, followed by a mysterious person approaching you…and it’s Volo. Again. At the perfect place.

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It is here that you meet “Mistress Cogita” who, with Cog in her name I’m sure has nothing to do with time.

It is here that Cogita tells you about the rift and how the might Sinnoh dwells within. It’s here, when she says Sinnoh, you get the option to either say “The Diamond Clan’s…” or “The Pearl Clan’s…” but don’t worry. Both give you the same response.

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She then tasks you to go to each of the three lakes in Hisui and meet with the legendary Lake Guardians who we know as Uxie, Mespirit, and Azelf who will task me with things and grant me items that can use to create the Red Chain. If you’re versed in Pokemon lore, you’ll shudder when you hear those two words if not, enjoy the ride.

When you leave Cogita’s camp, you discover an Abra with a letter from Cyllene telling you that she believes in you and that you’ll still be able to use the base camps. Afterward, Adaman and Irida show up and state that while they both want to help, only one can help you as to not draw attention so you have to choose who will go with you on your journey. This, unlike the previous one in Cogita’s tent, actually has weight so choose with whichever one you’re genuinely all about. Me, I went with Irida. She was the first person to help me. So, my walkthroughs are going to reflect that.

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From there you’ll gain three new missions. The Trial of Lake Verity, The Trial of Lake Valor, and The Trial of Lake Acuity. Good luck.