Who are the descendants of the Pokemon Legends Arceus NPCs?

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Pokemon Legends Arceus has a huge amount of references to future events in the games. Major hints to Nurse Joy look-alike, Pesselle, talking about building centers across the land where people can heal their Pokemon, essentially inventing the Pokemon Center. Subtle hints like Professor Laventon’s entry for Raichu that states that his homeland has Cooperajas, alluding to the fact that he may come from the Galar region. And absolutely insane nods like your character starting the game in the same shirt as the character from Pokemon X and Y, and Ingo literally being pulled in from the Pokemon Black and White game.

And while a lot of the characters have clear and obvious descendants, there might be a few you’ve been struggling with. So let’s go through some of these.

Please note this article will contain MAJOR spoilers for Pokemon Legends Arceus.

Decendants-Kamado /

Commander Kamado

This one is interesting. Obviously, he’s the ancestor of Diamond and Pearl’s Professor Rowan. But for the most part they seem remarkably different characters. But if you get all perfects in the Pokedex you get an interesting scene in which Kamado debates putting Cyllene in charge of the Galaxy Team and stepping down to study under Professor Laventon to learn more about Pokemon. This seems to not only set Cyllene down a particular path but also seems to gear Kamado into inspiring his descendants into research.

Another fun moment though is that later in the game, when he dons armor, his armor has two interesting nods. One, that is was made in a kingdom known as “Galar” which is where Sword and Shield took place. And it’s a black variation of the white armor worn by Pokemon X and Y Elite Four member, Wikstrom. So there’s a lot of speculation as to what’s going on there.

Descendants-Cyllene /

Captain Cyllene

There are two things you’ll notice immediately upon encountering Captain Cyllene for the first time. One, you realize why eyebrows are so important to a face, but secondly, the fact that she’s clearly the ancestor of future Diamond and Pearl villain and head of Team Galactic, Cyrus.

Unfortunately, one of the coolest things that hint to the future requires a lot of work to witness but, as mentioned in the previous entry, upon perfecting your Pokedex, Kamado talks about putting Cyllene in charge of the Galaxy Team. And one thing they make clear of Cyllene is she’s an absolute hardcore record keeper. This would explain how Cyrus seemed to not only know about Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina so well, but also the Red Chain and, honestly, Volo’s entire plan.

Descendants-Laventon /

Professor Laventon

Okay, so this is going to be plenty controversial but I don’t care because I’m 100% certain I know who Laventon is and it isn’t what a lot of people think. I think that Laventon is an ancestor to Sword and Shield’s Hop. I’m not playing.

First off, they have the same skin tone and posture. Secondly, they wear similar colors AND they both have fluffy wool. And that fluffy wool comes from Wooloo which comes from Galar. If you notice, not only is all the writing on Laventon’s chalkboard written in the lettering used in Sword and Shield, but in the entry he writes for Raichu, he states that its voltage output could take down a Copperajah, adding that that’s a Pokemon from his homeland and Copperajah, so far, only exists in the Galar region. Finally, during the story of Sword and Shield, Hop slowly comes to the realization that his true calling is that of a Pokemon Professor.

Descendants-Pesselle /


Another potentially controversial one at first, but this one is clear when you see it. First off, everyone saw this character and was like “this is the ancestor of Nurse Joy”. It ain’t. Hear me out.

In Diamond and Pearl when entering the Wayward Cave you encounter a girl named Mira. Not only does Mira have the exact same distinct hair down to one side being looped, but Mira acts a lot more like Pisselle. Pisselle, like Mira, wants to escort and help Pokemon and discover new ways to support them.

As a fun little nod as well, Pisselle also gets a Crogunk. This is a double nod to the fact that Mira enjoyed Pokemon’s inate useful abilities like Flash as opposed to attack moves just like Pisselle wants the Crogunk for it’s ability to generate toxins. And, in the manga, Mira fought a massive battle against Saturn’s Toxicroak.

It is easy to see how someone would think this is Nurse Joy though considering your actions inspire her to want to travel the world building centers where people can take their Pokemon to heal up.

Descendants-Tao-Hau /

Tao Hau

This one took me a long while to figure out just from looking at the character until I looked at the obvious instead. Tao Hau is a very family-oriented old man who is defensive of his grandaughter. He also designs and builds Pokeballs. I’m saying it right now. Tao Hau is the ancestor of Kurt.

Not only is Tao Hau blatantly wearing a very similar outfit to Kurt’s under his work jacket, but also let’s learn about Kurt. Kurt appeared in Gold and Silver. He was very protective of his granddaughter Maizie. And do you know what Kurt did for a living? He used an old method that was passed down by his ancestors to hand-make Pokeballs out of Apricorns.

Descendants-Sanqua /


I genuinely couldn’t think of why she looked familiar when I first met Sanque until I started knocking out the optional request missions. In them, there’s a gentleman who is obsessed with his Eevee and wants to feed it special food he has you make. If you continue along his quest line, eventually his Eevee runs away and you find it in Sanque’s office where it was inspired to evolve into an Umbreon.

That’s when I realized that Sanque is the ancestor of Gold and Silver’s Karen. While neither Karen nor Sanque is rich with lore, there’s one thing they both have to them beyond their identical light blue hair and hairstyle. They both inspired Eevees to become Umbreon.

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