Pokemon Legends Arceus Mythical guide: How to catch Shaymin

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Below is a guide to help catch Shaymin, a mythical Pokemon in Pokemon Legends Arceus. Now, a couple of prerequisites first if you want to catch our sweet leafy boi.

First thing’s first, you have to have beaten the game. This quest can’t be obtained prior and therefore neither can the Shaymin. Secondly, you need to have a save file for either Pokemon Sword or Pokemon Shield on your Switch. You’ll know because you’ll have received the Shaymin-themed kimono as a gift.

So let’s say those stars aligned and you want to get the plant pig. Make sure you’ve excepted the “A Token of Gratitude” request from the professor’s chalkboard. Then you’re gonna head over to the starting camp at the Obsidian Fields. There you’ll find Medi standing around and chilling. Talk to her and she tells you about how when she was a child she got lost and found a field of flowers and Shaymin who helped guide her home.

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She’s looking to thank it and luckily for her, I’m looking to catch it so let’s get to it. Her only clue on where to look for it is the Gracidea flower Shaymin gave her as a child. You know what? If all she knows is that it likes flowers I’m going to make a wild guess and plant a flag in the middle of the place called “Floaro Gardens”. That seems obvious.

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Turns out I was right but…all the flowers are dead. That’s not great. Walk into the field to trigger a cutscene. Medi, who has become my favorite NPC in seconds, walks into the field and gives a heartfelt thank you to Shaymin for it’s help and she closes her eyes. When she opens them again, the garden is alive with massive flowers and Shaymin runs up to her adorably.

Medi thanks me and says she’s going to thank Mai for pointer her towards me. She then asks if I’ll be staying to study the Pokemon. Yes…study it. That’s why I’m staying.

There’s a solid chance that Shaymin will straight up and attack you if you go near it. If it does and you don’t fight it in time it will run away. If this happens, reload the map by going back to town and back again.

On my second try I threw a salt cake into the flowers and then hit it with a Wing Ball. Honestly, it seemed like it saw me and was attacking me so I don’t know how I caught it while dodging an attack but there we go.

Now, if you want to change it to it’s Sky Forme, that is beyond easy. Remember the Gracidea flower Medi gave you to help you find Shaymin? Well, you’re a jerk and you kept it. It’s in your Key Items. Go there with Shaymin in your party, and use it on it.

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And that’s all there is to it. Hope you enjoy!