Pokemon Legends Arceus Daybreak: Massive Mass Outbreaks in the Mirelands walkthrough

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Massive Mass Outbreaks of the Mirelands is one of the newest missions in Pokemon Legends Arceus, introduced in the recent “Daybreak” update following the Pokemon Direct.

Right after the events of the mission titled “Massive Mass Outbreaks of the Fieldlands“, you find yourself heading out to the Mirelands. A storm is kicking up again and, to make matters worse Melli is there. And, as we all know, Melli is the woooooorst.

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He gives you some nonsense about how I needent look into the events because he’s already figured out that the cause of the massive mass outbreaks is that the Pokemon are gathering in mass to celebrate him. He hands me some Aguav berries to make up for me “wasting my time coming out” and walks off.

Mai realizes how strange it is that he had Aquav berries as they don’t grow anywhere in Hisui.

Suddenly Munchlax perks up and your Arc Phone goes off. It’s showing outbreak indicators all over the island again but this time, instead of question marks, it’s showing you what Pokemon is at each one.

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And there’s also little symbols. For example, you’ll note that the Cyndaquil near the bottom has a little Aguav berry over it so Mai suggests I check out three more outbreaks and to make sure that that’s one of them.

I’m going to make a pitstop first. See how that Tangela has a little shiny mark by it? I wanna make sure that doesn’t mean what I think it means. And it does not. Unfortunately there was no shiny. But what WAS interesting is that there was a Tangrowth in with the Tangela and when I beat them all, it said a new outbreak has formed in it’s place and suddenly I was surrounded by Tangrowth. So I think that shiny mark might mean a two part raid but we’ll work on that. Anywho, let’s get that Cyndaquil who are dropping Aguav berries when you defeat them.

Upon returning to Mai with your investigation report, you’ll find her hanging out with Irida. She tells me that Irida is going to be helping me as well and mentioned that something like this is bound to happen in other places, then mentions the Cobalt Coastlands which makes me think that’s where the game really wants me to head next.

They then also wonder why it seems like Munchlax is having a strange reaction to the Aguav berries. And wonders how he knows which Pokemon are gathering where during a massive mass outbreak.

That last bit was weird because I just assumed that while Munchlax reacts at the same time my Arc Phone gets a map update, I guess it was Munchlax that’s been putting the information about the outbreaks on my phone? I guess? (They don’t go into it much).

Then Irida and Mai go one about how ever since the festival, the two of them have gotten really close. Not like that, this is Game Freak, but it’s still nice to see some lore develop post-festival.

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Next. Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet coming to Nintendo Switch this year. dark

Following that Irida posits a theory that this might be Palkia causing a shift in space. Which was posited by someone else already but honestly best theory so far. Then Irida runs off to the Coastlands, the mission is completed and you’re awarded with:

20 Apricorn
30 Black Tumblestone
30 Iron Chunk

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