Pokemon Legends Arceus: How to catch Darkrai

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The following is a guide to catching Darkrai in Pokemon Legends Arceus. This includes the mission, “The Darksome Nightmare.”

To get this mission, however, you need to prerequisites. One, you need to have beaten the game. This only shows up post-game. And secondly, just like to get the Modern Uniform, you need to have a save file on your Switch for either Pokemon Brilliant Diamond or Pokemon Shining Pearl. Consider this payment for playing that absolute drag of a game.

But let’s say you did all that stuff and accepted “The Darksome Nightmare” from the professor’s request board. When you do, you’ll have a short scene in which a man named Cael shows up and says that he saw a dark black Pokemon haunting the Clamberclaw Cliffs, so let’s head to Mount Coronet to check this out.

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Head to the point that the market shows you and head down to the rocks below. Be warned that this event can only happen at night time so if it’s daytime, go ahead and sleep in the nearby camp until nightfall and then head back.

Once you arrive there, you get a neat little cutscene in which Darkrai messes with you a bit before appearing. When he does, you’ll have to catch it like you would a normal Pokemon.

Fun fact though, and maybe this will happen to you, he doesn’t attack you outright and when you get controls back it hasn’t officially noticed you yet. I was very surprised by this so I just sort of dodged rolled behind Darkrai and dinged it with a Wing Ball (as is my weird instinct to do) and I caught it with one throw.

Afterward, Cael shows up and thanks me, letting me know that everyone will be able to rest easy. And now, no one will fall victim to its dark nightmares. So now, they can rest easy knowing that the thing that gives everyone near inescapable horrific nightmares rests in the wooden ball of a 15-year-old child.

Now, head back to the village and find that you’ve also unlocked a Darkrai-themed fancy kimono similar to the Shaymin one you got with the Sword and Shield save only way more edgelordy.

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And that’s it for the Darkrai mission! Good work!