Pokemon Legends Arceus: ‘The Lordless Island’ walkthrough

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If you thought Arezu’s Predicament had a lot of stuff going on just wait until you hear the intro for “The Lordless Island.” Right out the gate, Irida and Kamado tell you a ton of things you need to look into in this mission and a slew of fun facts. Read on for our complete walkthrough of this Pokemon Legends Arceus mission.

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You’ll be heading to the Cobalt Coastlands, a place with no Pokemon nobles. Well, there was one, but it was killed off what, as Irida says, “a tragedy took him from us”. There are also reports of “shadowy figures” hanging about on the island where the noble used to hang. If that’s not enough, there’s also a report of a g-g-g-ghost on Firespit Island (why would you name it this) that keeps attacking merchants that go there to gather supplies. And while I think it’s perfectly fair to suffer for your actions should you choose to go to a place called “Firespit”, we have to look into this.

On your way out of town, you get stopped by Liam (because you can’t leave town without someone snagging you at the last second). He leaves you with some info and lets you get on your way where you get to experience the Cobalt Coastlands for the first time. You take in its majestic beauty for about two seconds when Irida decides she needs to fight you to test her own weaknesses.

She comes at you with a level 30 Glaceon and a level 15 Eevee so make sure you got a fire type in the starting position and preferably one that has a fighting type too. After you win, head down to the coast and find someone named Palina.

The way there introduces a lot of Pokemon you haven’t encountered yet like Seels, Scorupis, Honchcrows, and Glameows so there are a lot of ways to build up your Pokedex and raise your level because a lot of stuff around here is close to level 30. I tried to get my party up to at least level 35 here. Then, when you head out keep an eye out right before you get to where you need to be as there is a spot shortly beforehand where the adorable Hisuian Growlithe hangs out.

When you do make it to Palina, she tells you that you would need to get the help of a Basculegion before you can make it to Firespit Island, and to do that you first need to find Iscan on Aipon Hill past the Ginkgo Landing so, off we go. We run into Volo right beforehand, because of course. After he leaves, head towards the nearby tent where you’ll finally meet Iscan of…of the Diamond Clan…

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He explains that the only way to gain Basculegion’s trust is via making its favorite food and while he has all the ingredients, Basculegion won’t eat it unless it’s been flavored by Dusclop’s Dark Pulse move so we now have to head to Deadwood Haunt to find our one-eyed big boi. There’s no checkpoint on the map but it’s pretty easy to find with a quick glance at the map. When you finally find the Dusclops by a busted-up ship be warned when you fight it. Not only should it be around 38, but there are a lot of other ghost types nearby that, if you’re not careful, will hop into the fight. Also, remember, you’re here to capture it.

Once you capture it, go ahead and head to the next page of this walkthrough to pick up from there!