Pokemon Legends Arceus: Massive Mass Outbreak in the Highlands guide

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Happy 100th request y’all! Yup. This is the 100th request mission which takes place right after Tricky Treat Strategy. A mission that’s part of the new Daybreak update in Pokemon Legends Arceus that was released alongside the announcement in the recent Pokemon Direct that also announced Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet.

After meeting with Mai in Jubilife and realizing there may be a Pokemon disguising themselves as a human essentially “for the Vine”, you decide to ignore it for the moment and head to the Coronet Highlands to investigate reports of a Massive Mass Outbreak.

When you get there, surprise, it’s a heavy rainstorm. Before you can run off to look into it, however, Sabi shows up.

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She said she had just saved some people from a massive pack of alpha Pokemon. So you decide to investigate this area and, again, look for three Outbreaks and stop them. Make sure you’re grabbing the ones that have the Aguav Berries on them because you can always feed five to Munchlax to have it tell you who’s on what spot.

Don’t fret to much though if you’re just trying to clear them out. I’ve found a lot of these have remarkably low levels.

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Upon returning, Mai starts thanking you for the valuable information (I still don’t get how this is informative) when Adaman shows up asking if we’re okay. He then gifts me 100 Spoiled Apricorns, 100 Balls of Mud and 100 Caster Fern leaves to make Sticky Globs with. Cool. His bag must smell AMAZING.

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Then Adaman posits the theory that maybe these outbreaks are on account of Dialga or Palkia giving everyone a trial for some reason. Then he bounces. Mai then says that there’s really nothing left to do but investigate the Alabaster Icelands further.

With that the mission ends and you’re given:

  • 30 Apricorn
  • 30 Tumblestone
  • 20 Ball of Mud

Head back to the Jubilife Village and we’ll see you in the next article! Speaking of articles, did you know we have a massive index of walkthroughs, guides and interesting reads just on Pokemon Legends Arceus? We do! Click here to check it out!