Pokemon Legends Arceus: How to get the Shaymin Kimono and Modern Outfit

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Pokemon Legends Arceus has two really awesome-looking bonus outfits for your character that you can get right out the gate, which is nice because most of the clothing you can buy at first is so boring. They’re essentially every different color of gi that Ryu from Street Fighter has worn. It’s boring, boring, boring.

First, if you have a save file for Let’s Go Eevee or Let’s Go Pikachu, you can get the awesome Eevee and Pikachu festival masks. They’re little Eevee and Pikachu faces. Not the biggest thing but if you want a hat item that doesn’t cover it up, this is for you.

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Now, if you have a save file for Pokemon Sword or Pokemon Shield, it’ll net you the awesome green, white, and red Shaymin-themed outfit, the Shaymin Kimono.

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And if you have a save file for Pokemon Brilliant Diamond or Pokemon Shining Pearl, you can get a really cool outfit called the Modern Outfit which is a Team Galaxy Outfit from Diamond/Pearl.

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The way you get them is pretty dang easy too. Once you beat the first two story missions, you can access the various clothing, item, and barber shops. You’ll want to visit the clothier. When you talk to her she’ll say a gift came in for you.

Unfortunately she can only give you one gift at a time so some people might miss that they have more gifts until later in the game when they visit her again. So make sure you talk to her multiple times until she no longer tells you she has a gift for you. Should be three visits.

After that you can either go to her shop or your home and change into them.

Another really cool thing is that after you manage to beat the game, in addition to the Sword and Shield save files unlock the Shaymin Kimono but it also grants you a special end game mission where you can try and catch Shaymin.

Make sure you remember to snag these because while the game is already awash in cool outfits (especially after you get a starter themed kimono) these give you a lot to play around with. And the Shaymin top goes really good with the Growlithe bottom should you manage to snag those.

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Also, hopefully we find more that the Let’s Go save files unlock because, honestly, I crave more than those tiny masks.