Pokemon Legends Arceus: Tricky Treat Strategy walkthrough

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Tricky Treat Strategy comes directly after the mission titled Massive Mass Outbreaks in the Coastlands. It was introduced with the Daybreak update to Pokemon Legends Arceus.

So, after you find Mai in Jubilife City near the HQ she explains that while there haven’t been any outbreaks in the Alabaster Icelands, she has a plan that requires you to bring ten mushroom cakes to the Secret



If, for some reason, it doesn’t automatically ruin your search by showing you exactly where it is on your map or you just can’t find it, here’s the spot on the map. The big ol circle.

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If you haven’t found it before (which I bet you did and forgot about it) you can break the stones in front of it by throwing one of your Pokemon at it.

Once inside choose to wait for Mai. When she shows up, hand over the 10 Mushroom Cakes. At which point she starts acting really goofy. Giggling and smiling. And, listen, I like Mai and all and I think her look is one of the bests but she is HORRIFYING when she smiles.

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After her giggles subside she tells you to go back to Jubilife and she’ll get back to you on how her plan went. Upon returning to camp, before you can speak to the professor, Liam stops you and tells you he had a visit from Melli.

He heard about the gift Melli gave you and, refusing to be outdone by him (cause I guess they have a rivalry?) he grants you a gift as well. Which are 30 Aguav Berries. So now we know two people have access to these weird berries.

Lian also mentions that he saw some massive mass outbreaks on the way over and posits a theory as to whether or not geology has something to do with it. Because of course, you’d think that Lian.

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Then he remembers that he came delivering a message from…Mai. And that she’s in Jubilife Village waiting for you. So…that’s not great as I literally just left her in a cave. But she’s been in town chatting it up with Tsumigu waiting for me to get back. Just to double-check before I leave for Jubilife I went back to the Secret Hollow and…yep. No one. Empty. So let’s head back to the village.

You ask her what’s going on and she tells you she has no idea what you were talking about. Of course, that wasn’t the real Mai! I should have realized when she gave me a mission with a short enough title that it didn’t jeopardize my headliner field.

Mai then mentions that Irida came to her with a similar request that was bizarre. But for Hearty Grains. She then suspects that Pokemon might be disguising themselves as people to stir up mischief.

With that, the mission itself is completed and you get:

  • 3 Star Piece
  • 30 Iron Chunks

Mai then tells you that none of this has anything to do with why she wanted to see you, however. She tells you that a massive mass outbreak has appeared in the Coronet Highlands. And with that, in true Mai form, she gives you request number 100, “Massive Mass Outbreak in the Highlands.” See you there!

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