Pokemon Legends Arceus: How to catch Rotom

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One of the Pokemon I was most hyped to find in Pokemon Legends Arceus was Rotom. Not just because I love the little zappy ghost, but because I was hoping there would be lore tied to it.

See, Professor Laventon seems to be the relative of Team Galactic head scientist Charon. And if you’ve read my article on how to catch Manaphy, you’ll know I’m absolutely dedicated to finding connections between Pokemon Legends Arceus and Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl.

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In the latter games, the villainous Team Galactic had a scientist named Charon who claimed to have discovered Rotom and all the information available on it, but if you found his hidden lab you’d find there was an ancient journal written by one of his ancestors. In it, Charon’s ancestor talks about encountering the Rotom and learning all about it. There’s even a note in it from Charon where he makes a note to himself not to let people know about this journal so he can take all the credit for the discovery. Clearly, the journal was written by Laventon.

Sadly, unless something hasn’t unlocked yet, that’s not going to happen because I’ve caught him and absolutely no one seems phased, even Laventon who I turned this in with. Cest la vie.

But you probably want to catch the little goober too don’t you? Rotom is a fun little guy who can change forms from Electric/Ghost to Electric/Grass, Electric/Fire, Electric/Water, Electric/Fire or Electric/Ice with exposure to appliances. And in a game like Pokemon Legends Arceus where they’ve somehow made every Pokemon viable, Rotom can be more than just a fun little novelty on the team, you can actually have it be a powerful member!

So where do we go for this guy though? Well, he’s a little annoying to get. Not as annoying as Landorus and the like, but mostly just because its spawn rate is so dang low. But if you hang out on the areas listed here in his dex entry you’ll find him.

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Luckily, Rotom can show up near the tall grass in these locations regardless of time or weather but, from trying, I can honestly say I’ve only ever found one at a time. There will be a different spawn like Voltorb or Mismagius but sometimes you’ll see a Rotom chilling with the rest of them.

It’s really quick so drop some smoke and sneak up. Maybe initiate a battle with it too unless you feel like you got a good shot, this will guarantee a couple of bonus throws.

Now that you have Rotom, check my next guide on How to change Rotom’s forms!