Pokemon Legends Arceus: ‘The Counterpart’ walkthrough

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Pokemon Legends Arceus is available on Nintendo Switch. The following is a continuation of our walkthrough — a guide to “The Counterpart” mission.

So, now we have our plan. Rebuild the red chain, do something with a Pokeball, and find the rest of the plates. Also, Volo is apparently also trying to collect them too. Hopefully for helpful reasons but probably not, that dude is super suss.

Liam shows up and suggested we all head towards the Primeval Grotto so off we go.

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Once there we look at the big glowy red wall inside and Irida, Adaman, and Liam show up as well talking about how it looks as if the word itself was created here (possibly eluding to Groudon and Kyogre. You know, especially as they had those wacky Primal forms.

Liam is about to start digging when sudden you’re stopped by the Miss Fortune gang…again. It’s then that you find out that Clover ran away from the Diamond Clan (something she kind of eludes to if you’ve been finding her out and about) Also, Coin left the Pearl Clan as well. They decide to go three on three while Liam digs. You end up squaring up against Charm.

The fight against Charm is fairly simple. She throws a level 61 Rhydon at you, and her level 62 Gengar. Be mindful that just because her Gengar is a big chonk, that thing has SPEED.

Afterwards they take off and Adaman heals your Pokemon. Then Liam extracts some of the “Origin Ore” from the glowy red wall. Take it back to Laventon who I swear only doesn’t follow you when you actually need him for something. From there, back to Jubilife.

After a little bit of crafting at the hands of your rival, they manage to take the Red Chain fragments, the Origin Ore, and a Pokeball to create an “Origin Ball”. A ball that looks very much like a Cherish Ball and said to be the one thing that can capture the rampaging Pokemon atop the mountain.

Counterpart-Origin-Ball /

Palkia speaks to Irida again (remember, if you chose Diamond Clan earlier, just mentally swap Palkia with Dialga and Irida with Adaman) and says that your character needs to bring Palkia back up the mountain with the Origin Ball.

Before you leave, as someone always has to stop you on the way out, Cogita shows up at the gate and asks you if you’re ready. If you are, head back to the temple where, half way up the creepy tunnel you’re stopped by Volo. He talks about how excited he is to see this happen and then talks about how he might creep closer to see the action once the battle begins. After that, Kamado, Adaman, and Irida stop you once more at the steps of the temple. Kamado gives you the final chance to go forward or back out.

Dialga comes at you but you throw out Palkia (in a cutscene) and Palkia hits Dialga with a weird blast that turns Dialga into a bizarre Dialga/Arceus hybrid. You then have to fight it by throwing balms at it. Listen, don’t ask me where the balms come from.

The battle requires you to pay attention to the ground. Large circles will appear on the ground and you only have about two seconds to get out of them before a meteor falls from the sky and explodes. Also, occassionally, Dialga will fire out light blue shockwaves that expand from it so get ready to dive through those as well.

Once the meter is done, Dialga collapses and you throw the Origin Ball at it. When you capture it, instead of a firework, you get a gorgeous beam of light that fixes the sky and the rift. Afterwards, Kamado decides to hold a festival to unite the clans. After that, credits roll and you’ve beaten the main story. Good for you.

Credits roll and you’re shown a really pretty piece of art that…MY SWITCH SAYS I CAN’T CAPTURE HOW DARE IT. Afterwards you get a text from Sinnoh (a concept I can’t stop laughing at) that simply states “Seek Out All Pokemon”.

From here, it’s time for the next mission, “A New Day Dawns”.