Pokemon Legends Arceus: ‘Incarnate Forces of Hisui’ walkthrough

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So you’re on your way to fill up your Pokedex and meet Arceus. But on the way Cogita has informed you that there are special Pokemon flying around in their little clouds like so much Lakitu. What now? Well, let’s get them. Below is a complete guide for completing “Incarnate Forces of Hisui” in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

Pokemon Legends Arceus: How to catch Tornadus

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Cogita told you that Tornadus is in the Alabaster Icelands when a blizzard is happening so step one is going to be to head out there.

There’s no clear marking on the map for where to find it so all we have to go off of is the idea of a blizzard. You’ll find it hovering around the Bonechill Wastes but ONLY during a blizzard. Here’s the thing though, if you get there and it’s not a blizzard GOOD. Use this time to clear out all the Glalie and anything else because this fight takes up a lot of room and if there are other aggressive Pokemon about they’re ALL gonna come for you.

Tornadus absolutely sucks. Not only does it constantly run from you but it throws wind storms at you, causes tornados, and all sorts of nonsense while also having an ice field blocking pokeballs and fights. So you need to catch up to it and ding it with enough snowballs or other items until the field breaks and you can attempt to catch it.

It will be tempting to go back to the camp and rest until the snow happens but oh man it’s so much more useful to just make sure the area is cleared. When you see him though, here’s the trick I came up with that worked wonder (and this took me about eight satchel drops to figure out) when Tornadus is unaware of you, drop a smokebomb, crawl through it, when you get to the edge of the smokebomb, drop another and crawl through that.

Basically leave a trail of smoke until you get close enough to ding it with something. I used Jet Balls. I hit it with one from afar to break it’s shield. Break three shields and it’ll get dizzy. Then, go ahead and try and catch and/or battle it.

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Pokemon Legends Arceus: How to catch Thundurus

For Thundurus we were given the hint of checking the Cobalt Coastline during a rainstorm, but where exactly? Well, after flying around like a durn fool for the good part of a half an hour I finally found his handout spot. It’s right between Lunker’s Lair and Sand’s Reach.

Unfortunately his spot is in the water which means crawling about is out of the question. You’re also surrounded by Gyrados so…maybe be mindful of them. For this one here I used a ton of smoke bombs and a ton of mud balls. But eventually I caught it. Be patient.

Alright, now before we move on to Landorus, how about you move on to the second page of the article and we’ll pick up from there. And I’ll walk you through catching the next two. What do I mean by two? Stay two-ned (I’m sorry).