Pokemon Legends Arceus: Massive Mass Outbreak in the Coastlands guide

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Massive Mass Outbreak in the Coastlands is part of the recent Daybreak update for Pokemon Legends Arceus. It takes place immediately after the mission Massive Mass Outbreak in the Mirelands and starts by you talking to Mai in town.

After talking to her, you all head off for Beachside Camp in the Cobalt Coastlands. But before you leave you’re stopped by Gaeric who was in town fetching supplies. He recommends that if I’m looking into the outbreaks I should take some Sticky Globs with me and then hands me 30. Where this half-naked man with no pockets is keeping them I don’t want to know. He then leaves and you and Mai leave for the Beachside Camp once more.

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She tells me not to forget that I have Sticky Globs (which I PROMISE I won’t stop thinking about). She then gives me the new option to either head out and do research as is, or, if I want, I can feed her Munchlax some Aguav berries so it can tell me who’s where. I’ma feed it some berries.

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First thing I do is test my theory from the previous mission on the Magby with the shiny mark. Yup. No shinies, just an outbreak of Magby with one Magmar, and once I defeated them, a second outbreak of Alpha Magmar popped up in its wake so I’m pretty sure that’s what those mean.

Anyways, I knock out three of these, which isn’t as fun on the Coastlands because there are a lot of outbreak spots where there are absolutely no tall plants to hide on. Like that Riolu one? Yeah. I ended up fighting them all.

Upon returning to Mai, she thinks about how nice it is that they can get information from the Pearl Clan more easily now. Then your rival shows up offering even more info. As I’m writing this while playing I’m just going to go ahead and guess it requires me heading to another map and doing three outbreaks?

Oh, but first…your rival wants to battle you. Before they’re willing to give you any information you need to head down to Gingko Landing and battle them there. They tell you that they need to battle you to prove you can rely on them which…bad logic but alright, let’s see what their team is like.

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They got:
Clefairy Lvl 60
Grotle Lvl 62
PIkachu Lvl 62
Staraptor Lvl 61
Mr. Mime Lvl 61

Felt REALLY bad after that one since at this point my Pokemon are strong enough to one hit all of those. I haven’t beaten a rival this bad since Hop in Sword/Shield.

Afterward, they finally decide to tell you what they came to tell you in the first place. The theory that the Professor told them is that the Pokemon are more than likely hanging around lingering traces of energy left behind by the space-time rift. But they’re not sure how that relates to the rainstorms.

Next, without any sort of warning, Mai announces it’s time to head to the Coronet Highlands. Well…that would be her plan but she hasn’t heard anything about any outbreaks happening. She then asks that, should I hear anything about it, I should meet her at the Highlands Camp.

With that, the mission ends and you’re granted:

30 Tumblestone
30 Sky Tumblestone
30 Iron Chunk

With that you’re left on your own so go ahead and return to the village. When I did I found Mai hanging out by the HQ with a mission point over her head. Talking to her she tells me of an odd rumor she heard that she believes is the key to solving the massive mass outbreak mysteries, which is good because I hate typing massive mass.

And to hear this rumor I…must acquire ten mushroom cakes. Alright. Then I need to bring them to the Secret Hollow in the Alabaster Icelands. This I’m kinda hyped for because it drove me nuts there was nothing to do in there.

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Thus starts a mission called “The Tricky Treat Strategy” so I’ll see you over there in my next guide.

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