Clash of Clans Summer 2020 update coming at end of June

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Clash of Clans Summer 2020 update is expect to arrive this month.

With Supercell Games aiming to put out an update for Clash of Clans every quarter, the next one should arrive this summer. More specifically, it sounds like the update could arrive this month.

Yesterday, Supercell teased that a “full Season Bank at the end of June will come in handy,” suggesting that you’ll want lots of gold and elixir to spend on whatever new units and upgrades will be coming with the update.  A follow-up post today added, “Charging full speed ahead towards the Update,” further suggesting the Summer 2020 update will be coming at the end of June. The last major update, which came during the Spring, arrived at the end of March so a June release for the Summer 2020 update would line up.

Supercell hasn’t officially begun its sneak peeks yet but it sounds like they are gearing up to announce some stuff — perhaps early next week? In a recent stream with Community manager Darian and Game Lead Eino, they teased the black outline of something coming in the next update. It was later confirmed to be an Inferno Dragon, a unit that is featured in Supercell’s card-based arena battling game Clash Royale. Another developer stream leaked that the Super Witch will be coming with the Summer 2020 update.

Super Troops were introduced with the Spring 2020 update. They are temporarily powered-up versions of regular Troops in the Home Village. Each one comes with a unique ability that sets them apart from their normal counterpart.

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Only four Super Troops were introduced with the Spring update: Super Barbarian, Sneaky Goblin, Super Wall Breaker and Super Giant. It sounds like the Super Witch will be the fifth but it’s likely that the Summer update will add a few others as well.

Super Troops are upgraded using Dark Elixir and are powered up for a week. After seven days, there’s a week-long cooldown for that specific Super Troop, so you have to turn the other available Troops into Super versions. You can also only have one Super buff active at a time.

Beyond the Inferno Dragon and Super Witch, it remains to be seen what the Clash of Clans Summer 2020 update will bring. Town Hall 13 came with the December 2019 update, so it’s unlikely we’ll see a Town Hall 14 arrive so soon.