Clash of Clans Spring 2020 update now live: Here’s what’s new

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The highly awaited Clash of Clans Spring 2020 update has arrived and with it comes Super Troops, balance updates and more!

The Spring 2020 update for Clash of Clans arrived this morning. Supercell had spend the majority of the past week and a half giving us sneak peak previews into the new features, new levels and quality of life improvements; however, we now have official patch notes.

The highlight of the update is the new Super Troops, updated versions of normal troops that come with special unique abilities. The update features four Super Troops but Supercell does have plans to expand upon this new feature in the future. The first four Super Troops are:

You can upgrade to a Super Troop over at the new barrel-shaped building you’ll find next to the Trader in the main Village. Super Troops can be upgraded with Dark Elixir and they last for one week. You can only have one Super Troop active at a time; however, you can use others in battle if they are donated to you by Clan members.

In addition to Super Troops, the update brings new levels to upgrade for your Village’s Defenses, Troops, Buildings and Spells. They are as follows:

Town Hall 9:

  • 3rd Dark Elixir Drill can be constructed
  • Freeze Spell can be upgraded to level 2

Town Hall 11:

  • Gold Mine level 14
  • Elixir Pump level 14
  • Dark Elixir Pump level 8

Town Hall 12:

  • Barbarian level 9
  • Goblin level 8

Town Hall 13:

  • Archer Tower level 18
  • Mortar level 13
  • Bomb Tower Level 8
  • Minion level 9
  • Valkyrie level 8
  • Poison level 7
  • Additional X50 level 14 Wall pieces

The update also brings changes to Builder Base’s Clock Tower. It’s multiplier speed (8x to 10x) and boost duration (3-11 minutes to 14-30 minutes) have been increased but so has the cooldown (from 7 to 22 hours). Perhaps the biggest change to Builder Base, however, is the implementation of a new controversial tiebreaker. You can read more of my thoughts about this change here.

"If both players achieve the same destruction and Stars, then the player with the most remaining time left will be the winner."

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Beyond these major new additions and changes, there are some game balancing adjustments, gameplay bug fixes, UI and art tweaks and a bunch of miscellaneous things. You can check out the full patch notes for the Clash of Clans Spring 2020 update here.

Overall, it’s not the biggest update we’ve seen hit Clash of Clans in the past, but I do like the addition of Super Troops. They bring an added wrinkle to attacking and I can’t wait to see what strategies people come up with. Right now, I think the Super Giant and Wall Breaker are the two best Super Troops but I’m sure the Sneaky Goblin and Super Barbarian will find a use.

As far as the rest of the changes go, I like Supercell’s direction with encouraging more active gameplay. Clash of Clans can sometimes feel like a hurry up and grind and wait type of game. By reducing the costs and eliminating the training time at Builder Base, they’ve created a more active game experience. I hope they continue with this.