GTA 6: Who is Lucia and what is her role?

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The GTA 6 trailer has finally been released. While leakers spoiled the party for Rockstar Games, the trailer did its job and got GTA fans more than hyped than you can ever imagine. The GTA 6 trailer ran for 1 minute and 31 seconds and there was a lot of information that was given during that short time frame.

We know that the game will be taking place in Vice City, a very familiar location in the franchise, and we know that there are going to be two main protagonists that you will be able to play through throughout the game. While there was plenty to talk about after watching the trailer, the only thing people seemed to be talking about was Lucia.

Who is Lucia and what is her role in GTA 6?

If you have been surfing the internet and have noticed a lot of people talking about Lucia when it comes to GTA 6, you may be wondering who she is exactly and what role she has in the game.

Lucia is the main woman that you see throughout the GTA 6 trailer. She is the one in the orange jumpsuit at the beginning, she is the one seen partying at the night clubs, and she is one of the two main protagonists GTA 6 will have to offer. The other one is her boyfriend that can also be seen throughout the trailer.

There are a lot of reasons as to why everyone is obsessing over Lucia. First off, she looks like a complete bad ass! She seems like one tough cookie, and her presence gives the franchise a fresh new feel. The way she talks in conversation, her fun/party personality, and the way she was presented just seems like Lucia is going to be an iconic character in the franchise. Second, she is also the first playable main female protagonist in the franchise. The story is going to surround her and her boyfriend and this is something that we really have never gotten to see in this franchise.

As for where Lucia came from, those details are unknown at this moment. It appears that Lucia has gotten into trouble with the law, but we don’t know if that was part of her backstory or if that was in real time. More of those details will be revealed as more GTA 6 content is released. However, if you zoom in slightly to the GTA 6 logo up above, you will notice that Lucia is wearing an ankle monitor on her right leg. This leads me to believe that the stuff we saw in the trailer is more current, and the issues she is dealing with are happening in real time.

It is definitely exciting times to be a fan of the Grand Theft Auto franchise. Lucia already looks like she can be one of the best protagonists that the franchise has ever seen. Obviously, we will have to wait to see what the couple has to offer, but her popularity is already through the roof. I cannot wait to see Lucia’s story unfold in one of the most anticipated Grand Theft Auto games of all time.

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