Clash of Clans Spring 2020 update: Introducing Super Troops

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In the first major reveal for the Clash of Clans Spring 2020 update, Supercell introduced Super Troops, upgraded versions of troops with special abilities.

Hidden in some of the recent forum posts regarding the upcoming Clash of Clans Spring 2020 update was the word “Super.” Many took this as a hint of some sort of new addition coming to the game. Well, they were right!

Supercell revealed today the first major new addition coming to Clash of Clans with the Spring 2020 update: Super Troops. In preview posted to the blog today, Supercell gave us a sneak peek at what these new, upgraded troops will be:

"Super Troops are temporarily powered-up versions of Troops in the Home Village. Each Super Troop will have a unique ability that is different from their normal counterpart."

Super Troops can be trained at a new barrel-shaped building that will be found near the Trader; however, you’ll need to be Town Hall 11 or higher in order to unlock it. It doesn’t appear it will cost anything to access the building itself, however, Supercell did confirm that access to Super Troops “can be bought with resources.”

When the Spring update hits, there will be four different Super Troops available to choose from. It sounds like you’ll pay the cost to access one of the Super Troops and then have use of it for a limited time.

You can only have power-up one Super Troop at a time and each Super buff has a 7-day duration followed by a 7-day cooldown period before you can use it again. Supercell noted:

"While you have access to a specific Super Troop, you will not be able to train its “regular” counterpart, and the 7-day access to that Super Troop cannot be canceled."

Supercell will reveal these Super Troops over the next few days as part of sneak peeks. However, a previously posted image seemed to indicate that one of them could be the Valkyrie. They also offered this image as a clue, so see if you can decipher it.

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Let’s just say the Super Troops will be Barbarian, Archer, Goblin and Valkyrie. It sounds like you’ll pay a fee — let’s say 1,000,000 Gold — to have all your Valkyrie Troops upgrade to Super Valkyrie Troops. For the next seven days, all of your Valkyrie Troops will have the Super Valkyrie unique ability (whatever that could be). When the seven days is up, they’ll go back to being regular Valkyries with a seven day cooldown before you can upgrade them again. At that point, it sounds like you’ll be able to upgrade one of the other Troops to be a Super Troop.

Supercell also confirmed that you will be able to donate the Super version of a Troop to your Clanmates upon request. You’ll also be able to request specific Super Troops.

Although this is the first major new feature coming to Clash of Clans with the Spring 2020 update, Supercell has already revealed some quality of life improvements, upgrade cost reductions and new troop and building levels.