Clash of Clans Spring 2020 update: The Super Giant brings the power

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The Super Giant is ready to crack skulls and break walls. Check out the latest Super Troop coming to Clash of Clans with the Spring 2020 update.

Supercell revealed today the third Super Troop coming to Clash of Clans with the Spring 2020 update. As expected, the new troop is the Super Giant, an upgraded version of the Giant with lustrous muttonchop sideburns and a knack for busting walls.

The Super Giant comes with the Wall Buster special ability which deals increased damage to walls — four times the damage to Walls, to be exact. Additionally, the Super Giant has nearly triple the amount of hit points and double the amount of damage as the regular giant, making him a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

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The Super Giant will require Town Hall 12 and Level 9 Giant and will cost 60,000 Dark Elixir. He will take up 10 housing space which is only double the amount of the regular Giant. Considering he has triple the health and double the damage, that’s definitely a worthy upgrade.

Unlike the Super Barbarian and Sneaky Goblin, the Super Giant’s strength isn’t a temporary boost to his damage and health when placed; it will last until the giant is defeated. That said, the Super Giant still has the same seven day ability duration and seven day cool down as the others.

The Super Giant is the third Super Troop coming with the update and he’s by far the most welcomed. His mechanic isn’t anything totally unique to the game, but at least he’s not a direct clone from a troop in the Builder Base.

There’s still one more Super Troop to be revealed. Supercell offered the following hint:

"“…he’s gonna go out with a massive boom!”"

Based on that clue, I believe it will be either the Wall Breaker or Balloon. Unfortunately, that clue seems to indicate that the Valkyrie will not be one of the four Super Troops coming in the initial wave with the Spring update.