Dead Island 2: How to unlock The One Legendary Sword

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There are tons of different types of zombies that are featured throughout Dead Island 2. In fact, there are 31 different species of zombies, to be exact, that you might encounter along your journey to clean the streets of Los Angeles. Each zombie type is different. Some are easier to defeat than others, and some can just be a pain in the butt.

However, if you can make these zombies weaker, then all of them become much easier to defeat. Luckily, you can unlock The One Legendary Sword, giving you the chance to make enemies weaker when you hit them.

How to unlock and obtain The One Legendary Sword

Dead Island 2 offers a very reasonable number of Unique and Legendary weapons that you can use to defeat zombies quicker. These weapons are more powerful than your standard weapons, and they all have extra mods and perks, which is what makes them so much better to use. One of those Legendary weapons is The One Legendary Sword. The One is a great weapon choice to use to slice through enemies, but you aren’t just going to find this weapon lying around on the ground.

Much like many of the other Legendary weapons in Dead Island 2, you are going to have to go through a series of Quests in order to get your hands on The One sword. To begin, you are going to have to first finish Main Quest 4 called “Call the Cavalry.” Once this main mission is completed, an explosion will go off on the roof of the Goat Pen. This is when you can head on over and talk to Amanda, who will give you the Side Quest “Clickbait.”

Clickbait Side Quest

The “Clickbait” Side Quest shouldn’t be too hard to complete. Amanda just wants you to challenge you a little bit by killing a bunch of zombies in a variety of different ways. Once you have satisfied Amanda with her zombie killing frenzy, she will pass you on her Quest.

It Came From Monarch Studios Side Quest

In order to take your next step into acquiring The One Legendary Sword in Dead Island 2, you must make sure that you have completed Main Quest 15 called “The Giant Slayer.” By completing this Quest, you will unlock the ability to talk to a woman who is seeking out for her friend Sebastian. Travel to the Safehouse in Venice Beach and you can begin helping this woman look for Sebastian.

This Quest has you exploring different areas of Monarch Studios to try and find signs of Sebastian and reunite him with his friend. Once you have found Sebastian, finish the last couple of objectives to finish off the Side Quest.

The Terror of Sound Stage 7 Side Quest

In order to start this next Side Quest, you must make sure that you have completed the previous Side Quests on this list and have completed Main Quest 18 “Blood Drive.” The Terror of Sound Stage 7 can be started by going to the Safehouse in Beverly Hills and answering the radio. The main goal of this Quest is going to be to eliminate of the zombies that are infesting the Sound Stages. There are a few other objectives that will be thrown your way, but the Quests ends when you finally have to take out the Butcher Boss. He is surely going to keep your hands full, but once defeated, you know the Quest is basically over.

Like and Follow Side Quest

No one said unlocking The One was going to be easy. So, onto the next Side Quest we go! This time you are going to want to make your way to the Santa Monica Pier. This is where you will meet Amanda again, the same Amanda who gave you the “Clickbait” Side Quest, and she will offer you a new Side Quest called “Like and Follow.”

This Side Quest is basically the same as the “Clickbait” Side Quest. Amanda, once again, wants to put you to the challenge by killing zombies in all sorts of different ways. Be prepared to electrocute, behead, and boot zombies to their death in order to satisfy Amanda this time around. All in all, should be fairly easy to complete once again.

Going Viral

If you made it to this point, you are going to have to make sure that you have completed the main Dead Island 2 campaign in order to progress any further in the hunt for The One Legendary Sword. Once the main campaign is over, you can make your way to the Lifeguard Station in Santa Monic Pier. When you get here, you can head inside and pick up Amanda’s Phone. By picking up Amanda’s Phone, it will start the new Side Quest “Going Viral.”

The Quest will have you head on over to Hollywood Boulevard, where you will find Amanda Styles for the third time on this journey. You guessed it, you are going to have to defeat hordes of zombies as part of this Quest, but the Quest takes a turn at the end. Towards the end of the Quest, Amanda is bitten and turned into a zombie. You must ultimately defeat Amanda to complete the Quest. A shocking turn of events.

Beacon of Hope

After Amanda has bit the dust and the “Going Viral” Side Quest has been completed, you can make your way to the Holly Boulevard Safehouse to visit Sebastian for your final Side Quest. The “Beacon of Hope” Side Quest makes you locate Sarah and defend her from all the deadly zombies that come her way.

As the Side Quest continues you will find a Space Fox spotlight filter that you will need to install to complete the Quest. Once you have fulfilled everything that you needed to, you can return to Sebastian to receive The One Legendary Sword for all your troubles. As soon as you complete the “Beacon of Hope” Side Quest, you will also unlock an Achievement/Trophy called “Make It So.”

The One Mod

  • Superior Melee Mutilator Mod
    • Gives a major Physical Damage Boost. Successive hits to a zombie also apply the Weakened Effect. Hitting a weakened zombie regains some stamina.

The One Perks

  • Headhunter
    • Decapitating zombies triggers a forceful explosion and regains Health and Stamina.
  • Swift Blow
    • Heavy Attacks charge faster.
  • Guardian
    • When using this weapon, gain a moderate Toughness Boost.

Unlocking The One obviously takes a lot of time and effort. However, when you have finished the grind and are able to get your hands on this Legendary sword, you will understand why it took so long to unlock. Dead Island 2 has a lot to offer gamers and you can slay zombies in more style using The One.

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