Dead Island 2: All 31 zombie type locations

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The streets of Los Angeles have been swamped with tons of Zombies and it is up to you to save the day! Of course, I am talking about Dead Island 2.

Dead Island 2 has some pretty nasty-looking zombies. Your goal is to make sure the streets of Los Angels are safe again. If you are looking to accomplish that goal, you are going to naturally find yourself coming into contact with tons of different types of zombies

There are a total of 31 different zombie types that you can find throughout the game. If you are looking to complete the Zompedia, you are going to have to kill at least one of each of the 31 zombie types (20 Common types, 11 Apex types) found in the game.

If you are unsure of what zombies you have come across yet and killed, you can look at your Zompedia in the game and it will tell you.

Dead Island 2 Common Zombie Type Species

  1. Shamblers
    • Located basically everywhere.
  2. Walkers
    • Located basically everywhere.
  3. Runners
    • Located basically everywhere.
  4. Burning Runners
    • Located behind military base in Venice Beach.
  5. Burning Walkers
    • Located in The Metro near some trainwrecks.
  6. Caustic-X Walkers
    • Located in Brentwood Sewers near the Slobber Hotspot. They also can be found in Ocean Avenue.
  7. Eat Couriers
    • Located in The Metro and Brentwood Sewers.
  8. Firefighter Runners
    • Located in The Metro.
  9. Firefighter Walkers
    • Located in The Metro past the Fast Travel room. They also can be found located right in front of the mall in Ocean Avenue.
  10. Grenadier Walkers
    • Located behind military base in Venice Beach. Grenadier Walkers can also be found patrolling the streets of Beverly Hills, just South of the Slobber Hotspot.
  11. Hazmat Runners
    • Located in Hollywood Boulevard and The Pier. If you have beaten Dead Island 2, you can easily find them in the final boss room. If you travel to Hollywood Boulevard and don’t see any, check out The Pier.
  12. Hazmat Walkers
    • Located in Hollywood Boulevard and The Pier.
  13. Hydration Walkers
    • Located at the entrance to the lab in Ocean Avenue.
  14. Incendiary Walkers
    • Located behind the military base in Venice Beach.
  15. Insect Swarm Walkers
    • Located right outside of the Headquarters in Bel-Air.
  16. Riot Gear Walkers
    • Located on a pier, in The Pier. Go to the pier that is closest to the crashed helicopter.
  17. Shocking Runners
    • Located in The Metro.
  18. Shocking Walkers
    • Located on Alpine Drive in Bel-Air.
  19. Spiky Runners
    • Located in The Pier behind the Fast Travel building. Spiky Runners may also be found in the parking lot of Halperin Hotel. You have better luck finding them at The Pier though.
  20. Spiky Walkers
    • Located in a building in the center of Ocean Avenue. They can also be found in Beverly Hills near the Slobber Hotspot.

Dead Island 2 Apex Zombie Type Species

  1. Bursters
    • Located in Beverly Hills at the Bursters Hotspot.
  2. Butchers
    • Located at Butcher Hotspots in The Metro and The Pier.
  3. Crushers
    • Located at the Crushers Hotspot in Beverly Hills
  4. Firestorm Slobbers
    • Located in The Metro
  5. Inferno Crushers
    • Located in The Metro
  6. Mutators
    • Located at the Mutators Hotspot in The Metro.
  7. Putrefied Slobbers
    • Located every once in a while, in the parking lots of the Halperin Hotel. If you don’t have any luck finding them there, they can also be found at a Slobber Hotspot in the north-east corner of Beverly Hills.
  8. Screamers
    • Located at the Screamer Hotspot in Beverly Hills.
  9. Slobbers
    • Located at the Slobber Hotspot in Beverly Hills.
  10. Vicious Butchers
    • Located in Hollywood Boulevard near the Metro area.
  11. Voltaic Screamers
    • Located at the arcade at The Pier.

Common zombies are a lot easier to kill than Apex type zombies as Apex zombies have a lot more health than Common zombies do. It might seem like a lot of zombies that you have to defeat in order to complete the Zompedia, but in reality, it is not as difficult as you might think. A lot of these zombies you will come across naturally at some point throughout the game.

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If you are missing only a few zombies in your Zompedia, now you know where to exactly find them. Once you have completed the Zompedia, you will unlock the Zombologist Achievement/Trophy, making you the true zombie specialist.