Dead Island 2: How to unlock the Big Shot Legendary Revolver

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Dead Island 2 is a video game filled with chaos and destruction. Part of the reason is the number of zombies trying to kill you and the weapons that you are given to try and defeat them. Of course, some weapons are better than others.

When you start to find some of Dead Island 2’s rarer weapons, they are classified as Legendary or Unique. Finding these types of weapons will be a huge help to you, as their power and destruction that they provide will make slaying zombies easier, and a whole lot more fun.

How to unlock Big Shot in Dead Island 2

One of the rarer weapons you can obtain in Dead Island 2 is the Big Shot. The Big Shot is a Legendary Revolver that really packs an explosive punch. More on that in a little bit. Obtaining the Big Shot is not overly hard to do, but it does require you to complete the main game before you can get your hands on it.

Once the main story is completed, you should be able to travel to Emma’s Mansion in Bel Air where you will find Luciana. By talking to Luciana, she will grant you with the Side Quest “It’s Not Your Fault.” This Side Quest takes you on an adventure through the sewers of LA, where the goal is to collect four Seismometers.

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Upon completing the Side Quest “It’s Not Your Fault,” you will be rewarded with the powerful Big Shot. The reason as to what makes the Big Shot Legendary Revolver so powerful is its ability to fire explosives as ammo. This is due to the revolver’s Boomstick Perk which states that “Rounds trigger explosions on impact that can traumatize zombies. While the gun as a whole causes a lot of damage, it will only hold 3 bullets per clip. However, that doesn’t take away the pure damage the Big Shot causes when dealing with zombies, especially when you come in contact with large hordes.