Dead Island 2: How to unlock the Blood Rage Legendary Dagger

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There are many ways you can go about tackling the zombies of Los Angeles in Dead Island 2. The number of different weapons that at your disposal is massive. The many ways to defeat zombies is what makes a zombie-based video game so much fun. In Dead Island 2, you can either kill zombies from a distance with some of the more ranged weapons, or you can get up close and personal with some of the closer ranged weapons, such as the Legendary Blood Rage Dagger.

There are a handful of Legendary Weapons found throughout Dead Island 2. However, there is only one Legendary Dagger at this time and that is the Blood Rage. Just like every weapon, the Blood Rage has its pros and its cons, but if you find yourself using more melee weapons in Dead Island 2, you might find the Blood Rage Dagger and its unique attributes quite useful.

How to unlock the Legendary Blood Rage Dagger

In order to obtain the Blood Rage Dagger, you are going to have to first complete the “Fool’s Gold” Side Quest. There are tons of different zombie types in Dead Island 2 and in order to activate the Side Quest, you must kill a Crusher zombie named Dante, which can be found located in the Santa Monica Pier. Once you have traveled to the Santa Monica Pier, locate Dante and kill him. If you can’t locate him, that is probably because you haven’t beaten the main story yet. First go ahead and complete the main story and come back to fight Dante when you have done so.

Once Dante is killed, he will drop some Synthetic Fibers, A Totally Legit Letter, Randy’s Locker Key, along with immediately starting the “Fool’s Gold” Side Quest. The Totally Legit Letter tells you to go to Randy’s Locker to receive a special package that he locked away for safe keeping.

Randy’s Locker is not too far from Dante. Just head into the little garage area right next to where Dante was killed and Randy’s Locker is right around the corner, near all the workout equipment. The Quest will then be updated to head to Dante’s Meet-Up Point and Randy’s Meet-Up Point. Randy’s Meet-Up Point is located next to the Pizzeria on the left side of the entire building, and Dante’s is located south of the Ferris Wheel. These Meet-Up Points that you located was where you found the two burner phones that you needed to find in order to start the final phase of the “Fool’s Gold” Side Quest.

Now that you have both burner phones, they have been used to create a Password Code that can be found under the “Keys” section in your inventory. It will be titled “R-J-B-D’S SECRET CODE.” The note also tells you that you can input this code to unlock the contents of a buried chest found near the Lifeguard HQ. The chest is located on the right side of the Lifeguard HQ building over in the sand. Defeat all the zombies and dig up the buried treasure to find the Legendary Blood Rage Dagger waiting for you on the inside.

Blood Rage Mod

  • Superior Melee Puncturator Mod
    • Converts your weapon to inflict Bleed Damage and gives a major damage boost. Successive hits to a zombie also apply the Bleeding Effect.

The Mod attribute on the Blood Rage Dagger allows the chance of Bleeding Effect to take place when slashing zombies. If this effect is activated on a zombie, that zombie will gradually start to bleed out and lose health even when you aren’t attacking them.

Blood Rage Perks

  • Puncture Wound
    • Landing Critical Hits in quick succession inflicts additional Critical Damage and Bleed Damage. This effect can stack multiple times.
  • Infectious
    • Hitting a zombie causes additional Bleed Damage to it and makes near zombies start bleeding too.
  • Agile
    • Killing a zombie gives a minor agility boost. This effect can stack multiple times.

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The Legendary Blood Rage is definitely a weapon that will do some close-range damage. The Infectious Perk also makes it a bit of a range threat too. Regardless of the Blood Rage being a dagger, melee weapons are very important in Dead Island 2, and I can assure you that adding the Blood Rage into your arsenal will be a decision that you do not regret. After all, when thousands of zombies are trying to kill you, you can never really have too many weapons at your disposal.