Dead Island 2: Every Legendary Weapon and how to get them

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When making your way through the post-apocalyptic world of Dead Island 2, you’ll come across all sorts of powerful weapons to help you hack-and-slash or blast your way through the zombie hordes. Calling weapons “the best” is a subjective term, but Dead Island 2’s weapons do fall into categories that give you a sense of their power. The game’s most rare and powerful items are either Legendary or Unique.

Below is a list of the Legendary weapons we’ve discovered so far in Dead Island 2 and how where you can find them. Unlike many open-world games, these rare weapons are typically obtained by completing specific quests, making it much easier to get them by simply playing the game.

Big Shot

The Big Shot is a Legendary Revolver that you can obtain by completing the side quest “It’s Not Your Fault.” You’ll receive this quest from Luciana, who can be found at Emma’s Mansion in Bel Air, after you’ve finished Main Quest #24, “Hollywood Ending.” The mission requires you brave the sewers of LA for readings from four seismometers.

The highlight of Big Shot is its perk Boomstick which basically turns it into a mini grenade launcher. Rounds trigger explosions on impact that can traumatize zombies. The downside to this weapon is that it only holds three rounds in its magazine.

Blood Rage

Blood Rage is a Legendary Dagger that you can get by completing the “Fool’s Gold” quest. In order to trigger this quest, you have to kill a unique Crusher zombie found in the Santa Monica Pier. Travel to the Lifeguard HQ and head inside the facility and look for a Crusher named Dante. You may need to complete the campaign in order to get him to spawn.

After you defeat Dante, you’ll pick up the note and open Randy’s locker. You’ll then have to find two more notes with clues that will ultimately lead you to a half-buried safe containing the Blood Rage Legendary Dagger.

If you don’t mind getting up close, the Blood Rage dagger can be incredibly deadly. Its Bleeding status effect can slowly deplete an enemy’s health.

Emma’s Wrath

Emma’s Wrath is a Legendary Sledgehammer that you will get by simply completing the entirety of Dead Island 2’s campaign. You’ll receive this weapon during the final question, “Hollywood Ending.” Despite being one of the easier legendary weapons to get in the game, Emma’s Wrath is one of the best. The sledgehammer is already one of the best melee options in the game, and the Guardian Perk and Superior Melee Impactor mod make this an absolute beast.

The Brutalizer

The Brutalizer is a Legendary Machete you can acquire by completing the side quest “Body Art.” In order to get this side quest, you must complete the main mission #15 “Giant Slayer” along with the side mission “The Ballad of Ricky Rex.” Once you complete these, you can receive the “Body Art” quest from Francesca in Beverly Hills. This series of side quests require you to obtain specific body parts. When you complete the chain, you’ll receive the Brutalizer, which comes with the Bloodlust and Contagious perks, making it the best machete in the game.

The One

The One is a Legendary Sword that you’ll unlock by completing the “Beacon of Hope” side quest in the Hollywood Boulevard area. It’s not only the reference to the Highlander sword that makes this Legendary weapon awesome, but its special ability to apply the Weakened status effect with each successful hit makes it much easier to tear through some of Dead Island 2’s tougher enemies.


Bodycount is a Legendary assault rifle that is unlocked by completing the [REDACTED] Lost and Found quest, which can be started at the quonset hut when entering the Military Barracks in Venice Beach. Look for the zombie with a special name and defeat him. Once again, you may need to complete the main campaign first to get this zombie to spawn. This quest involves looking for three cargo shipping containers along Venice Beach which provide you with clues to locate the weapon. The Bodycount assault rifle is great for medium-range combat. The Exit Wound and Bloodthirsty perks along with the Superior Ranged Pucturator Mod make it awesome for ripping through hordes of zombies.

Are there any Legendary weapons we missed? Let us know in the comments and we’ll update this list!