Dead Island 2: How to unlock the Brutalizer Legendary Machete

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Sledgehammers, daggers, revolvers, assault rifles, Dead Island 2 really has just about everything that you are looking for. Every player likes to use different weapons and while some weapons are better than others for certain situations, they all have one thing in common. The all have the ability to shred through zombie flesh. Hidden away in Dead Island 2 are certain Legendary weapons that can be acquired by completing a series of events. One of those Legendary weapons is the Brutalizer Legendary Machete, which shreds through zombie flesh better than any other machete in the game.

The Brutalizer is the best machete that you can find in Dead Island 2. The damage output for a machete is great, the durability is fantastic, and the combination of its special mod and perks, make it a machete worth seeking out.

How to unlock the Brutalizer Legendary Machete

Unlocking the Brutalizer is one of the more complex Legendary weapons to unlock in Dead Island 2. The main reason for this is because of the fact that you don’t just need to complete one objective, but instead a series of objectives.

The Brutalizer is unlocked when you complete the Side Quest “Body Art.” However, you need to first make sure that you have completed Main Quest #15 “Giant Slayer.” You will also need to make sure that you have finished the Side Quest “The Ballad of Ricky Rex.” Once both of these Quests have been completed, Francesca will show up in Beverly Hills with the Side Quest “Body Art.”

Body Art is a series of Quests where Francesca wants you to go out and collect body parts so that she can use them for art, hence the Side Quest name “Body Art.”

Body Art: Visionary

The first step to this quest is fairly simple, you need to collect 10 pieces of infected flesh. Given that Los Angeles is flooded with zombies and infected flesh, 10 pieces is fairly easy to acquire. When you have collected all the infected flesh that you need, head back on over to Francesca and drop the flesh into the art supply bucket.

Body Art: Heft

Once you have completed the “Body Art: Visionary” Side Quest, more Side Quests will pop up on the bulletin board next to Francesca. You are going to need to complete these Side Quests in order to unlock the Brutalizer. Body Art Heft only requires you to find 5 oversized arm bones. Oversized Arm Bones can be found by killing Crusher type zombies. Once again when you have collected what you have needed, make your way back to Francesca, and put them in the art supply bucket.

Other Body Art Side Quests to complete

  • Body Art: Moist
    • Collect 5 Chthonic Ichor and bring them to Francesca. Chthonic Ichor can be found by killing slobbers and all of their variants.
  • Body Art: Uproar
    • Collect 5 Infected Spines and bring them to Francesca. Infected Spines can be found by killing screamers and their variants.
  • Body Art: Vigor
    • Collect 3 Blade Arms and bring them to Francesca. Blade Arms can be found by killing butchers.
  • Body Art: Dread
    • Collect 3 Mutated Hearts and bring them to Francesca. Mutated Hearts can be found by killing Mutators. Mutators are found wandering the streets of Los Angeles as soon as you complete the main story.

Body Art: The Unveiling

Once you have gone through and collected all the body parts that Francesca needed, the last thing left for you to do is to go and view Francesca’s art. The art can be viewed by fast traveling to a random area, and then fast traveling back to Roxanne’s House in Beverly Hills. I guess the reason that you have to do this is to reset the area so that the art can appear back at Roxanne’s House.

When you have made your way back to Roxanne’s House once again, Francesca will show off her bloody, gory art, and she will give you the Brutalizer. By completing the Body Art series of Quests, you should also receive an Achievement/Trophy called “Gore Horse” for helping an artist complete their greatest (and grisliest) piece of art.

Brutalizer Mod

  • Superior Melee Mutilator Mod
    • Gives a major Physical Damage boost. Successive hits to a zombie also apply the Weakened Effect. Hitting a weakened zombie regains stamina.

Brutalizer Perks

  • Bloodlust
    • Land Critical Hits in quick succession to do more limb damage and weaken your victim. This effect can stack multiple times.
  • Contagious
    • Heavy Attacks to zombies afflicted by a Status Effect will spread the effect to nearby zombies.
  • Reinforced
    • Increases Durability and Force, but reduces Attack Speed.

Now that you know exactly what types of zombies you need to kill in Dead Island 2, you can stock up on all the body parts that you need, and when you have all of them, then you can head over to Francesca and complete the Body Art Quest all in one go.

The Brutalizer Machete is basically the definition of shredding zombies to pieces. While the number of Quests that need to be completed is quite a lot, it will all be worth it in the end since you would be acquiring the best machete that Dead Island 2 has to offer you at this moment.

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