Dead Island 2: How to unlock Emma’s Wrath Legendary Sledgehammer

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Dead Island 2 has only been released for a few days now, but that hasn’t stopped gamers from discovering some fairly intriguing weapons. There are tons of common weapons scattered throughout the streets of Los Angeles in Dead Island 2, but there are also ways to acquire Legendary weapons as well. Legendary weapons are much more powerful than the standard weapons you can find, and they require the completion of some sort of objective in order to obtain them.

One of the easier Legendary weapons to obtain in Dead Island 2 would have to be Emma’s Wrath. Emma’s Wrath is a Legendary Sledgehammer that really maximizes its damage output. If this is your first time through the main storyline, you won’t be able to acquire Emma’s Wrath yet. That is because in order to unlock this devastating melee weapon, you need to first beat the main story mode.

How to unlock Emma’s Wrath

Emma’s Wrath is unlocked during the final Quest “Hollywood Ending.” This final Main Quest is going to put you to the test as you must defeat the final Mutator’s Boss. Once you have gone through the Quest and are nearing the end, you will prevent Emma from killing Sam. This is when you will acquire Emma’s Wrath and can put it to the test against more zombies as you are not one who has fled the city of Los Angeles.

Emma’s Wrath Mod

  • Superior Melee Impactor Mod
    • Gives a major Physical Damage and Force Boost. Successive hits to a zombie also apply the Traumatized Effect. Hitting a traumatized or vulnerable regular zombie sends it flying, damaging anything it hits.

Emma’s Wrath Perks

  • Overkill
    • Skull Stomp or Counter a zombie to prime your weapon. When primed, hitting a zombie will trigger a shotgun blast.
  • Shockwave
    • Knocking down a zombie triggers a forceful explosion on impact.
  • Guardian
    • When using this weapon, gain a moderate Toughness Boost.

There is no secret that Emma’s Wrath is one of the best, if not the best, melee weapon in all of Dead Island 2. The Mod and Perks that come with this sledgehammer makes it devastatingly crushing. The amount of damage it outputs is insane, and the added Mod and Perks to go along with it makes it that much better. There is a reason that you only unlock Emma’s Wrath after beating the main story campaign. If you unlocked it any sooner, certain parts of the main storyline might have been too easy to complete with this in hand.

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