2022 was a massive year for Clash of Clans

Supercell /

As we prepare to close the chapter on 2022, Supercell has released a Year in Review video for Clash of Clans. Between the introduction of the Clan Capital, the upgrade to Town Hall 15 and the 10th Clashiversary for the long-running action strategy game, 2022 was a massive year.

There were four main updates over the course of 2022. The video below does a nice job reviewing all that came to Clash of Clans in 2022, but let’s do a quick rundown ourselves.

While there were some exciting cosmetics introduced early in the year, the first major update came in the Spring and introduced the Clan Capital. This is a brand new area of the game where Clans can work together to build a Capital and on the weekends raid others. The Clan Capital was met with much excitement and adds a new cooperative element to the game.

In the Summer, Supercell drastically changed how the game could be experienced by removing the training costs for Troops, Spells and Siege Machines. This opened the door to allow players to experiment with attack strategies without having to worry about spending valuable resources. Aside from that, the Summer update was focused largely on balancing the Clan Capital features.

Then came the Clashiversary, Clash of Clans’ 10th anniversary. Supercell went all out for this, releasing a fake documentary about the history of Clash of Clans that actually tied into the game itself. We got special scenery and cosmetic skins but the highlight was definitely the Arcade mini-games that you could play within Clash of Clans.

The Fall update was the big one — the introduction of the highly awaited Town Hall 15. This was the largest update ever released for Clash of Clans. We got new Defenses (Spell tower & Monolith), the Electro Titan Troop, the Battle Drill Siege Machine, the Recall Spell, four new Hero Pets and all of the Building/Defense balance and level adjustments that come with a new Town Hall level.

The December update was much smaller but still introduced the Super Miner, a new Capital District (Skeleton Park), and the Ram Rider Seasonal Troop.

Overall, it was a very busy year for Supercell and the team working on Clash of Clans. And looking ahead, 2023 could be just as eventful as Supercell alluded to a Builder Base rework launching in the first half of next year. What would you like to see from Clash of Clans in 2023?