Clash of Clans Spring 2022 update arrives: Clan Capital now live

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Today is update day in Clash of Clans. The highly anticipated Spring 2022 update has arrived and with it comes one of the biggest new features to ever hit Clash of Clans: the Clan Capital.

We’ve spent the last week going over the details of the Clan Capital, a new area of the game where Clans build together and battle together. The Clan Capital serves as the central hub for your Clan, where each member will contribute resources to unlock new Districts and make the Clan Capital stronger.

On Raid Weekends, your Clan will work together to try and defeat other Clans’ capitals, earning Capital Gold to upgrade and improve your own Capital as well as Raid Medals to purchase items for your own individual Home Village.

As revealed over the week, there are seven main Districts to be unlocked in the Clan Capital. Each is unique in its look and what it unlocks for your own Clan Capital.

As a reminder, each District as its own District Hall, which functions similarly to your Town Hall in your Village. As you upgrade your District Hall with Capital Gold, you’ll increase the level of Buildings in that District. Additionally, the higher your District Hall, the more you can upgrade the buildings in that district.

However, to unlock these Districts, you’ll need to first raise your Capital Hall, located in the Capital Peak. Your Capital Hall will have requirements to build or upgrade a certain number of buildings within the various Districts. So it all works together.

Here are the seven main Districts in the Clan Capital:

As a reminder, attacking other Clans’ capitals only happens on Raid weekends. The first Raid Weekend won’t kick off until shortly after this update in order to give Clans time to establish and build their Clan Capital. While you’ll still attack individually, the damage you produce is carried over to the next Clan member’s attack. Any buildings destroyed or traps disarmed will remain that way and any spells left over will stay there for the next attack. So even though you’re attacking solo, you’re helping set the stage for subsequent attacks.

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The Clash of Clans Spring 2022 update is live today. Read more about the Clan Capital, including full patch notes, here.