Clash of Clans October update Sneak Peek #2: Spell Tower and Monolith revealed

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Following the reveal of Town Hall 15 for Clash of Clans, Supercell has shared the second sneak peek at the upcoming October 2022 update. And when they promised TH15 would bring “something monolithic” that “will spell doom for your enemies,” they weren’t joking. Take a look at the brand new Spell Tower and Monolith, two brand new defenses that are coming with Town Hall 15 this month.

Clash of Clans: Monolith details

First up is the Monolith, a tank destroyer. The Monolith is designed to chunk high health troops. Although it will deal a base level amount of damage per shot, each shot will also do additional bonus damage based on a percentage of its target’s max hit points. It will tear through tanks and Heroes.

The Monolith can be upgraded to a max level 2. Even better, it’s constructed and upgraded with Dark Elixir, finally giving us something else to spend are Dark Elixir on.

Here are the Monolith’s stats:

Level 1

  • Upgrade Cost: 300K Dark Elixir
  • Upgrade Time: 18 Days
  • Base DPS: 150
  • Additional Damage: 14%
  • Hit Points: 4747

Level 2

  • Upgrade Cost: 360K Dark Elixir
  • Upgrade Time: 19 Days
  • Base DPS: 200
  • Additional Damage: 15%
  • Hit Points: 5050

Clash of Clans: Spell Tower details

The Spell Tower is one of the coolest defenses I’ve seen in quite a while. As you upgrade it, each level will imbue it with a different type of Spell, and you’ll be able to select which Spell you want it to cast while it’s defending your base.

At level 1, the Spell Tower can cast Rage Spell to boost nearby defenses and units. At level 2, it can cast Poison Spell, and at level 3 it can cast Invisibility, hiding nearby defensive buildings and troops for a temporary time.

Here are the Spell Towers stats:

Level 1

Upgrade Cost: 14M Gold

  • Upgrade Time: 14 Days
  • Hit Points: 2500
  • Unlocks: Rage Spell

Level 2

  • Upgrade Cost: 16M Gold
  • Upgrade Time: 16 Days
  • Hit Points: 2800
  • Unlocks: Poison Spell

Level 3

  • Upgrade Cost: 18M Gold
  • Upgrade Time: 18 Days
  • Hit Points: 3100
  • Unlocks: Invisibility Spell

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It sounds like tomorrow’s sneak peek will feature two new units, or possibly heroes. One that goes underground and another that flies in the air. Based on the previous Hammer Jam trailer, there was speculation a new troop could be the Bomb Miner (a combination of the Wall Breaker and Miner from Clash Quest). We also saw some sort of pink bird which could be a Hero Pet.

Town Hall 15 is expected to arrive in the next couple of days as the October 2022 update is seemingly on track for an October 10th launch.