Clash of Clans 10th Clashiversary: How Supercell is celebrating 10 years of Clash

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Today, Clash of Clans officially turns 10 years old. While Supercell has been releasing fun little teasers and mini-games in the lead-up to today’s big event, the full celebration is now on.

So how is Supercell celebrating 10 years of Clash of Clans?

10 Years of Clash Challenges

In the bottom right corner of your screen is a gold box with the Clash icon. Tapping on that will reveal a series of challenge scenarios. These are meant to highlight big moments in CoC’s history.

The scenarios begin in 2012 with the official launch of Clash of Clans and go all the way to 2021 with the arrival of Town Hall 14. There are 10 scenarios that will unlock over the course of the next week and an 11th bonus scenario that doesn’t have any information yet. Based on the teaser image, it looks like it will be some sort of pixel-inspired overlay.

The first scenario is a throwback to when CoC was much simpler. As you complete it, you will earn stars and an associated reward. It looks like, at 15 Stars, you’ll earn free scenery for your Home Village but it doesn’t appear to be the special one for the 10th Clashiversary.

10th Clashiversary Scenery

Remember that really cool scenery teased in the Party Champion reveal? Well, it looks like it won’t be free, unfortunately. The 10th Clashiversary Scenery costs $6.99 and includes the anniversary scenery and 2,500,000 of both Elixir and Gold. It’s available for the entire month of August.

Pixel Skins

As part of the Clash of Clans anniversary, Supercell released a documentary going all the way back 40 years, to the first Clash arcade game. This, of course, wasn’t a real documentary, but a fun event nonetheless. Continuing to play off Clash’s arcade roots, you can now purchase Pixel skins. The Pixel Queen, Pixel Warden and Pixel Champion are each available for $4.99.

Clashiversary Special Offers

There are multiple “Clashiversary Special” offers you can purchase for real money. These bundles offer an assortment of items and bonuses for prices that range from $0.99 to $19.99. They include things like Books, Potions, resources and more.

1 Gem Resource Boost

The last and final perk of the 10th Clashiversary is the 1 Gem resource boost. This will double the production for Gold Mines, Elixir Collectors, and Dark Elixir Drills for 24 hours with just 1 Gem each. This will last for the next five days.

Happy anniversary Clash of Clans. Here’s to another decade of Clashing.