Clash of Clans: Builder Base rework will remove Versus Battles

Supercell /

We’ve known for a while now that Supercell has been working on a redesign for Builder Base in Clash of Clans. There was lots of promise when the Builder Base was first introduced into the game, but over the years it has sort of fallen by the wayside. It just hasn’t gotten the same love or attention as other aspects of the game. That’s going to change next year though.

Supercell peeled back the curtain of the upcoming Builder Base rework which is slated to launch in the first half of 2023. The developer didn’t go into too much details, but instead offered a summary of their approach towards the Builder Base rework.

In short, they took a look at both the best things about Builder Base as well as some of its biggest problems that need to be addressed. In the next iteration, Builder Base 2.0, they want to reinforce the things that fans find fun about it.

One of these things is the focused, tactical fun that it allows for. Supercell acknowledges that Builder Base is “at its best when its small,” meaning every trap and defense placement feels like it matters when designing your layout. Similarly, every troop you deploy feels key to your attack. As Builder Base gets bigger and the amount of defenses increases, it begins to get less fun. So it would seem that Builder Base 2.0 will try and stick to small-scale warfare.

Another issue Supercell has found with the side mode is that it’s simply not very rewarding to play well. Right now, the nature of Versus Battles has about a 50% win rate for players. There’s too much randomness from the head-to-head aspect because even if you play well, the matchup could mean you are playing against someone even better. You aren’t rewarded for, say, getting a 90% because your opponent for that specific matchup could just happen to get a 100%.

The third issue Supercell has with the current Builder Base is it’s not very convenient to play. Between the high level of randomness and a system that only rewards winning, Builder Base just isn’t much fun or very convenient. Plus, it’s annoying to have to wait for your opponent to finish their attack before you can launch a new one. ANother issue is that to get your three Daily Wins, you need to play about six matches on average, which is a lot of time and could take away from other areas of the game.

So what is Supercell doing to address these problems while also emphasizing the fun aspects of Builder Base? They didn’t offer all of their solutions, but one change they did confirm is that Builder Base 2.0 will not feature Versus Battles. There will be a different format for attacks, but they did not go into detail.

Although Builder Base 2.0 is clearly in the works, Supercell is probably focusing on the upcoming Winter update for December. Given that Town Hall 15 just launched in September, it’s quite likely that the Winter update will be a small one that focuses largely on tuning many of the new features, troops, and buildings that were introduced in recent months.