NBA 2K21 Neighborhood server issues prevent players from joining games

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Players are unable to join games at The Park in NBA 2K21’s Neighborhood mode.

2K Beach is gorgeous but looks can only get you so far. Between issues with the new shot meter and being unable to join courts to play a game, NBA 2K21‘s Neighborhood has been a bit of a mess since launch. As I write this article, NBA 2K21’s Neighborhood is currently not working.

When NBA 2K21 first launched on Friday, 2K Support did warn of high traffic on the servers which could result in connection issues when attempting to log in. While I have had no issues logging in and walking around 2K Beach, playing an actual game in The Park is damn near impossible right now.

I’ve attempted to join multiple courts, only to find myself standing in line for a ridiculously long time. And it seems I’m not alone with this problem. A simple search on Twitter reveals others are also having similar issues joining games in Neighborhood.

As you can see, when claiming next on the court, players are then stuck standing there, unable to actually play. There seems to be no way to exit once you’re stuck in this limbo state except to quit the game entirely. The problem appears to be pretty widespread but so far 2K has yet to issue any major response.

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Making it all the more frustrating is the fact that Neighborhood was hosting a 2K Beach Party this weekend where players could earn 2x rep through Monday. With the servers being absolute crap all weekend, many players are clamoring for the 2K Beach Party to be extended — and it really should be.

Given that we’re now a few days since launch, one would expect these issues to be worked out. But 2K has had its hands full with another issue — shooting. The new shot meter has been a hot button topic with many complaining about its difficulty. 2K released a hot fix over the weekend to make it easier for newcomers on lower difficulty modes, but it did not apply to Neighborhood.

Server issues for online games are nothing new but we’re now a few days past launch and one would expect them to have been worked out by now. Hopefully, the issue gets resolved because frustration with NBA 2K21 is mounting.