NBA 2K21 shooting hotfix released to help newcomers and casuals

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A shooting hotfix for Rookie, Pro, and All-Star difficulty levels in NBA 2K21 has been released today.

With the introduction of the new shot meter, shooting in NBA 2K21 is much more difficult this year. Like, much more difficult. It’s all anyone is really talking about this year — even cover athlete Damian Lillard.

Lillard is hardly alone with this. The entire NBA 2K21 subreddit is filled with posts and videos of people lamenting how hard it is to shoot this year.

For those who haven’t stepped on to the court of NBA 2K21 yet, the new shot meter aims to give players “unparalleled control” with the ball using the advanced Pro Stick. Specifically, players must use the stick to aim their shots and layups. It was an interesting and well-intentioned change designed to make shooting a more involved process but the problem is it’s just too difficult and unforgiving. If you don’t get it in the green, you’re going to miss the shot.

While players have clamored for years to make shooting more difficult, NBA 2K21 takes it to the extreme. Whether this new level of difficulty was intentional or not, very few seem to have taken a liking to this new shot meter. 2K seems to be sticking by the new meter with gameplay director Mike Wang offering shooting tips online. Funny enough, one of those tips include turning off Shot Aiming.

In an attempt to address the difficulty of the shot meter, 2K has released a hotfix today, making it easier to shoot the ball on Rookie, Pro, and All-Star difficulty levels. It will remain the same on higher difficulties and Neighborhood.

“Hope this helps the newcomers,” 2K wrote. “Keep the feedback coming.”

It’s not just newcomers struggling though. Even longtime players of the franchise are having problems. The shot meter creates a skill gap that so far only the most hardcore players can master. Most casual players don’t have the time to put in the hours required to perfectly master this new shot meter and simply find it unenjoyable.

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The frustration is real but at least 2K is listening. It sounds like 2K isn’t ready to give up on the new shot meter quite yet. Wang acknowledged with this year’s shooting changes, it was “tough to get perfect out of the box.” However, it sounds like 2K is committed to making it work.

Hopefully, this new hotfix adjusts the difficulty because right now NBA 2K21 is not very enjoyable for casual players. If today’s hotfix doesn’t make the system better for you, it’s recommended that you simply turn off shot aiming in the Controller Settings panel of Options.