NBA 2K24: The one simple Badge that can help improve your shooting

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NBA 2K24 is here and features several new badges. There’s one that’s relatively basic but can be an effective one in making your MyPLAYER a better shooter.

NBA 2K24 brings back the “green or miss” mechanic from NBA 2K23 where, if you don’t get an excellent release on your jumpers in The City or Rec, it’ll be a guaranteed miss (there are some very rare occasions where this isn’t the case).

And so with this mechanic returning, many City players are working harder than ever to become better shooters. It’s one of those things that’s all about feel and it takes practice. Some players have mastered their shot by being comfortable with their jumpshot animation.

That’s one important key to becoming a great shooter. That’s always been the case in NBA 2K, but even more so now with the green or miss aspect. The good thing is that there is a massive amount of jumpshot animations to choose from, so you’re not limited with options that you may not like. Not to mention, you have the Jumpshot Creator as well where you can cook up your own jumper in the lab.

But another key component to being a great shooter in NBA 2K24 is the badges. Badges have been a staple in 2K for a long time now, especially for Park (now City) players. The tradition continues with the addition of 24 new badges in honor of the late great Kobe Bryant.

This includes several offensive badges as well. But one that’s really simple to acquire that’s new to the badge family is called “Open Looks”. This badge is basically what it sounds like. It boosts your chances to score when you’re wide open. Now you see what I mean by simple?

This badge is extremely straight forward in NBA 2K24 but it’s quite effective. Yes, making wide open jumpers can already be easy but the Open Looks badge will strengthen that. There’s never nothing wrong with strengthening a strength.

Besides, many of times have I have seen missed wide open jumpers during games. So although open shots are easy, they can still be missed and that’s where Open Looks comes into play in NBA 2K24.

You don’t need a high three point rating to unlock it either. You only need a 54 mid-range or 58 three-point rating to get bronze (although, if you want to shoot, you should definitely having ratings higher than 54 and 58). Then, a 72 mid or 75 three will net you silver while 86 mid and 88 three will grant you gold.

So overall, the Open Looks badge is very easy to get in NBA 2K24. The catch here is that, with the new progression/regression system for badges, you’ll need to start knocking down wide open shots to build up the level of the badge. This can prove difficult if you’re just generally struggling with shooting in the City or Rec.

To make your life easier, I’d recommend playing some NBA games on lower difficulties like Rookie or Semi-Pro. This way, it’ll be way easier to shoot and in turn, you can progress your badges, including Open Looks.

So, all in all, this is a solid badge that will be basically be added to your group of badges instantly after making your MyPLAYER in NBA 2K24. It’s just easy to ignore but keep it in mind and it could help that shooting from long range, even if it’s just a little bit.