NBA 2K24: A Cool Event Idea For The City

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NBA 2K24 will be the 25th installment of the iconic sports video game franchise and we’ve seen the game evolve in a huge way over the years. From simply being a basketball simulation to introducing the Park for online play to now having a whole City to explore and hoop in, the game has come a long way since its roots.

NBA 2K has become so extensive now that modes like the City/Park, MyTEAM and MyNBA all have their own, huge communities. The Park itself has become a major staple of the 2K experience since its inception in NBA 2K14 on new gen.

In fact, it has become such an important part of the fabric of the game, that it’s usually one of the last things 2K announces before launch. It was made popular thanks to the online competition and the affiliations which led to plenty of vying for bragging rights.

They then took out the affiliations and then eventually brought them back to everyone’s delight but with different names and with a fourth team. Rivals Days was also something that was a part of past NBA 2Ks with the affiliations.

One idea that sort of made its way around social media simply sounds amazing. As we know, Crossplay is going to be available in NBA 2K24 on new gen consoles (PS5 and Xbox Series X|S), marking a first for the longtime franchise.

So this means we get to see PlayStation and Xbox players battle it on the court at the same time. This led to the idea of either replacing affiliations and have two courts representing PlayStation and Xbox players or having a Rivals Day event, pitting PlayStation and Xbox players against each other with bragging rights and rewards on the line.

I can definitely see the latter idea being the case. The way 2K promoted crossplay and the way it’s gotten gamers on both consoles chirping already, it makes too much sense. We can take so much pride in our consoles (or if you’re like me, you don’t pick sides in the console wars) so it’d be smart for 2K to take advantage of this and put together a nice event where players could showoff that pride.

It’s simple really. Rep your console, win games, win console themed prizes. Let’s make this happen, 2K.