Clash of Clans Summer 2020 update: Inferno Dragon, Super Witch revealed

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Two new Super Troops are coming to Clash of Clans with the Summer update

The last major update to Clash of Clans introduced Super Troops, powered-up versions of troops in the Home Village that come with a unique ability. Super Troops are seemingly inspired by the Builder Base, in which troops there come with special abilities.

The upcoming Summer 2020 update will be adding two more Super Troops to the Home Village: Inferno Dragon and Super Witch. The Inferno Dragon is a Super Troop version of the Baby Dragon while the Super Witch is a Super Troop version of the Witch with a much different summon.

Anyone who plays Clash Royale is probably quite familiar with the Inferno Dragon. It’s basically a mobile, flying version of the Inferno Tower. The longer the Inferno Dragon attacks a target, the more powerful the beam’s attack grows in damage. It can reach up to 1600 DPS if fully charged.

The Super Witch, meanwhile, summons “the Big Boy” a giant skeleton with nearly as many hit points as a Super Giant. The Super Witch also deals double the damage compared to a max-level Witch.

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Here are the stats for each:

Inferno Dragon

  • Type: Air Troop
  • Housing Space: 15
  • Range: 4 tiles
  • Special Ability: Fires continuous beam that increases in damage over time
  • Upgrade Cost: 60K Dark Elixir
  • DPS: 80-1600
  • HP: 2100
  • Training Cost: 16.5 Elixir
  • Training Time: 2 min 15 sec

Super Witch

  • Type: Ground Troop
  • Housing Space: 40
  • Range: 4 tiles
  • Special ability: Summons Big Boy, a single giant Skeleton
  • Upgrade Cost: 60K Dark Elixir
  • DPS: 360
  • HP: 3200
  • Training Cost: 915 Dark Elixir
  • Training Time: 10 min

Big Boy Stats

  • DPS: 350
  • HP: 4100

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Both units seem like fantastic additions to the game. While the 40 housing space requirement for the Super Witch is pretty steep, you are essentially getting a tanky Super Giant with her, so the trade off is understandable. Unlike the previous Super Troops introduced, these actually feel unique and original (even though one is taken from Clash Royale). The other four just felt like copies from Builder Base.

It has been confirmed by various streamers that both the Inferno Dragon and Super Witch can be unlocked at Town Hall 11. As a reminder,  you can only have one Super Troop active at a time for a week and then it goes on a one week cool down.

With the addition of the Super Witch and Inferno Dragon, there will now be six total Super Troops available to choose from. They join the Super BarbarianSneaky GoblinSuper Wall Breaker and Super Giant.

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One final update for the Clash of Clans Summer 2020 update will be shared tomorrow, which seemingly suggests the update will arrive on Monday at the earliest. Tomorrow’s sneak peek has a very intriguing teaser: “Something sinister stalks the streets of the Clash village…”