No joke: The Clash of Clans Spring 2019 update arrives April 1

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The Clash of Clans spring 2019 update is slated to arrive on April 1. Check out what’s coming with the brand new update.

Supercell has spent the last week unveiling some new and exciting new features and balance changes coming with the spring 2019 update for Clash of Clans. In their latest sneak peek — the one that introduced Season Challenges – the developer confirmed that the update is slated to roll out on April 1, aka April Fools’ Day.

Recognizing the confusion or skepticism that may come with that date, Supercell made it absolutely clear that this is not a joke. Barring any emergency delay, the spring 2019 update for Clash of Clans will release on April 1.

Supercell has been more upfront with the changes coming in this update, as opposed to the usual “sneak peek” format that they tend to go with for updates. I suppose given the magnitude of some of these changes, Supercell felt it was better to provide a little more in-depth detail and reasoning.

So what’s coming with the Spring 2019 update?

For starters, Supercell has already outlined a number of quality of life improvements, including the ability for traps and defensive buildings to automatically re-arm or reload for free when you log back into the game. On the surface, this doesn’t seem like a big deal, but this could save you a ton of gold and resources that can now be spent elsewhere.

The update is also bringing some massive changes to the in-game economy, which I believe are aimed to address some of the game’s downtime when training troops and upgrading buildings. In an effort to keep players more engaged and active with Clash of Clans (especially early on), Supercell has decreased the number of resources required to train troops and upgrade buildings. They have also lowered how long you’ll have to wait to train certain troops and upgrade buildings. The exact changes fluctuate depending on the troop/building and its level, so be sure to check out the detailed list here.

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Hand-in-hand with in-game economy changes are new levels and other troop balance changes that impact how certain troops behave on the battlefield. You’ll notice the biggest difference with the Ice Golem, which has seen its mechanics changed depending on if it’s attacking or defending. The Hog Rider and Witch have each been granted a new level as well.

Lastly, the most intriguing new addition is Season Challenges. These are individual goals that you are tasked with completing in the span of a single season (from the start of the month to the end). There are daily and monthly challenges that will reward you with points upon completing. These points go towards unlocking various prize tiers as well as loot within the Season Bank (another major new feature, which you can read about here).

While we’re not getting any new troops or magic spells (at least that we know of right now), the spring 2019 update for Clash of Clans is undoubtedly one of the biggest updates we’ve seen in a while. If only because it’ll drastically change the approach to the game itself, especially as