Clash of Clans Spring update 2019 brings new building and troop levels, balance changes

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Supercell announced that the upcoming Clash of Clans Spring 2019 update will bring new levels for buildings and troops as well as additional balance changes.

Clash of Clans‘ Spring update is shaping up to be a big one. Supercell has revealed some pretty massive changes coming in the first major update of the year — including drastic changes to the in-game economy — and this week they revealed some new building and troop levels.

With the update, the Archer Tower and the Cannon will both be upgradeable to level 17. Both buildings will require 12 million gold and 12 days to fully upgrade. The Archer Tower will have 122 DPS and 1,430 HP, while the Cannon will have 132 DPS and 1,740 HP.

As for troops, the Witch, Hog Rider and Ice Golem will each be getting a new level at Laboratory level 10.

The level 5 Witch will be available at Town Hall 12 for an upgrade cost of 200,000 Dark Elixir and wait time of 14 days. Here are the level 5 stats:

  • DPS: 180
  • HP: 480
  • Training cost: 275 Dark Elixir
  • Max summoned units: 14
  • Training time: 3m

Here are the stats for the level 9 Hog Rider and level 5 Ice Golem:

Hog Rider level 9

  • Upgrade cost: 240,000 Dark Elixir
  • Upgrade time: 14d
  • Level 9 stats:
    • DPS: 161
    • HP: 920
    • Training cost: 120 Dark Elixir
    • Training time: 45s

Ice Golem level 5

  • Upgrade cost: 200,000 Dark Elixir
  • Upgrade time: 14d
  • Level 5 stats:
    • DPS: 40
    • HP: 3400
    • Training cost: 300 Dark Elixir
    • Training time: 3m
    • Freeze duration when destroyed: 7s

In addition to new building and troop levels, the Spring update will also bring some general balance changes which could impact the overall strategy of the game when both attacking and defending.

The Ice Golem, for example, is having its Freeze Spell functionality changed based on whether it is being used offensively or defensively. On offense, the radius of the Freeze Spell is being increased by 36 percent, making it more effective in slowing down the enemy defense. However, on defense, the duration of the Freeze Spell is being reduced at all levels.

Without having seen these changes in action, it seems that the Ice Golem will be more effective as an offensive unit following the update. This is based solely on the patch notes, so I’m sure we’ll have a better idea once we get sneak peek videos for the update.

Additionally, the update is reducing the vortex duration of the Tornado Trap at each level, while buffing the HP of the Wall Breaker and the damage for the Bomb Trap.

None of the balance changes seem too drastic from the patch notes, but as always, new strategies will form once the update goes live and players can experiment with new strategies.

Continuing to encourage active gameplay, the Clash of Clans Spring update will also tweak the Battle Machine in the Builder Base. Its regeneration time is being reduced to match the training time of your Training Camps allowing it to be ready for battle faster. This should reduce the wait time, allowing you to get into the action sooner.

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Overall, it seems the goal of the Spring update for Clash of Clans is to reduce the amount of wait time and allow players to battle more frequently. Between the balance changes as well as the reduced building and training costs and duration, it should result in more active gameplay. As I previously mentioned, the changes are likely an attempt to keep newer players engaged with the game early on.

One final note, Clash of Clans will also be receiving some quality of life improvements with the Spring update. Some of these have already been detailed, but this week Supercell announced “A Dark & Stormy Night,” a new option to darken the clouds screen. By reducing the brightness of the clouds, Clash of Clans should be “easier on the eyes” when playing in a dark room or if you’re photosensitive to bright, white lights.

Supercell hasn’t formally started the sneak peeks for the Spring update, which the developer says is “coming soon.”