Clash of Clans Spring Update 2019 reduces building and training costs and duration

Credit: Supercell
Credit: Supercell /

Supercell teased this week some big in-game economy changes for Clash of Clans coming in the 2019 Spring Update.

With the next Clash of Clans update, Supercell Games is looking to greatly change the in-game economy. In an attempt to keep players engaged with the game, Supercell is lowering the duration and cost required to upgrade buildings and troops.

Just about every building in the game is having its upgrade time slashed, in some cases by at least half the time. The Town Hall level 4, for example, will only require eight hours to upgrade to the next level, down from 16 hours.

The biggest changes in upgrade duration are at the lower levels, likely in an attempt to keep newer players engaged with the game. Nothing kills a new player’s interest faster than forcing them to wait an entire day for a mid-tier upgrade.

From personal experience, the long wait times, especially in the mid-tier (level 7-10) building upgrades, are a drive killer. Having to wait these extended periods (or pay to speed them up) severely limits what you can do in the game. By speeding up some of these lower buildings, you diminish some of the boredom early on and keep players hooked a little longer.

That said, upgrading buildings in their later levels still require a long wait period. Upgrading your Clan Castle to level six, for example, has been sped up by a day, but still requires six days.

When these new changes go into effect, the longest you’ll be waiting for a building upgrade is 10 days (Army Camp level 9, Archer Tower level 16 and Dark Elixir Barracks level 8).

In addition to speeding up upgrade times for buildings, the 2019 Spring Update for Clash of Clans will also drastically reduce upgrade costs.  Once again, just about every building has had its upgrade cost slashed. Percentage decreases vary anywhere from nine percent to a whopping 50 percent depending on the building and its level.

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Similar to building times, this change will lessen the wait time required to amass the resources required. Upgrading in the later levels will still require a grind, but these decreases are very much welcomed.

The 2019 Spring Update will also lower the duration for upgrading troops in the laboratory. Once again, just about every single troop has had its duration lowered. The Witch and Bowler, meanwhile, have had their upgrade costs lowered as well.

Finally, troop training costs are being decreased as well. The resource costs to train troops have been lowered by as much as 50 percent depending on the troop and its level.

The exact numbers for how much everything has decreased can be found over on the Clash of Clans forums.

At first glance, these are some much-welcomed changes. The building and upgrade cost reduction coupled with the decrease in troop training costs should lead to more active gameplay. This is especially important when trying to get new players to engage with your game.

Lower the cost of training troops should help you afford more frequent attacks which, in turns, should help farm more resources. And with the lower wait times and building costs, you should be able to upgrade your village more frequently.

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This isn’t all Supercell as planned for the 2019 Spring Update for Clash of Clans. A few weeks ago, the developer listed a number of Quality of Life improvements, including automatically reloading defensive buildings and re-arming traps as well as de-cluttering the Clan Castle menu.

We don’t know when the Spring 2019 Update for Clash of Clans will arrive, but these are some very promising changes.